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That word was derived from Alice in Wonderland. I love the sound of that word. It’s uncommon. Another favorite saying of mine: ‘At half past dark’, said PPPiglet, from Winnie the Pooh book.

Last night, the reason why My Precious was avoiding me was because he was hiding the cake he bought at Market of Choice. Don’t you think the cake looks good? It was sooooo sinfully chocolate, the three of us ate half of it in one sitting.

birthday cake

Back to unbirthday…..today is my unbirthday! I went up to a mall village, about an hour and a half drive from home. Spent the whole afternoon just walking around, window-shopping, trying on shoes, browsing through books. But I spent nothing at all, even when tempted to. Talk about self-control, which normally I do not have when it comes to shopping.

Got hungry, though, and ate lunch at this restaurant called Zao Noodle Bar. Actually I only ordered an appetizer called Chicken Summer Rolls, a specialty made with sautéed chicken breast, Thai basil, bean sprouts wrapped in rice paper served with hoisin caramelized onion dipping sauce, crushed peanuts and sambal. Not sure what sambal is. The dish was spicy, but delicious. I took a picture of it, and the restaurant’s decor (partially).

chicken in rice paper wrap   Zao Noodle Bar decor

Overall, the weather turned out splendiferous! I got to take some spring-like photos at the mall.

flowers everywhere  Cow Topiary with a Flower Pot Hat


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