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Mr. Bubbles 

Mr. Bubbles (the white and brown tiger) is a new addition to the “weakness for stuffness” Lilliputian Village (that’s the  name of the stuffed animals’ town). He was given to me by Mr. Wonderful for our 24th wedding anniversary. Mr. Wonderful really is getting into this weakness-for-stuffness fever. I asked him where he gets them, but he wouldn’t tell; and I did not pursue further.

You may ask me what I have given Mr. Wonderful. Well……..I have no pictures of them ‘cuz we already ate them. However, I’ll tell you what they were: chocolate biscotti, chocolate covered almonds, chocolate covered macadamia. Then, we all went to a Chinese restaurant.

Now is any of these gifts the proper gifts for a 24th wedding anniversary? We have no fancy-swancy gift exchanges like jewelry, cars, boats…or what you might call expensive gifts. So yes, to us, anything is a proper gift. There are exceptions, though. Like, next year would be our 25th anniversary. We are compelled to do something fancy-swancy then. We don’t know what that would be yet. We are working on ideas. There’s one that’s always constant in all of our wedding celebrations. ‘Our Precious’ son is always in the picture; any occasion we might have, he’s always part of it. We’re always the trio, the pyramid, the threesome. Our Precious is 20 years old. It never occurs to him that it’s uncool to hang out with one’s parents when one is a teenager. (Well, now the teen years have expired, of course.) To him, it’s cool to hang out with them since FOOD and BOOKS ARE ALWAYS PART OF THE ACTIVITIES WITH THEM. heehee!

Tomorrow, I have pictures of knitting projects. So stay tune!


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