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Today, as I went to have my snow tires removed, I was hoping that nature would not play tricks on me, mere mortal. Sure enough, as I was about to leave Les Schwab with my ‘every day’ tires on, the weather changed from sunny to pouring rain. And the temperature dropped. Slushy rain was definitely coming down. However, as got up the hill to where home was, the sun came out again. So all day long, that was what the weather pattern was: pouring rain one minute to absolutely gorgeous sunny the next. No snow, though, which is good. I just hope winter does not come back tomorrow.

This being Friday, my family normally does not cook or get together for dinner on Fridays. We call days like this: ‘YOU-ARE-ON-YOUR-OWN DAY’. That goes with Saturdays as well. But today, I thought it would be nice to cook some baby back ribs and asparagus with rice for dinner. My boys (excluding the cats) just love baby back ribs. They were a bit surprised I was in a good mood to cook on a Friday. There are a couple of reasons behind this effort. One: I had no plans to go dancing tonight ~ too wet to go out; two: the meat needed to be cooked as I didn’t want it sitting in the refrigerator longer than 2 days.

baby back ribs w/asparagus and rice

Nice, huh? That was one satisfying dinner, I tell ya!

 Cat Moment:

 Jake Content on His Bed

 That’s Jake on his favorite knitted bed, feeling content. Do you see his white-dipped paw sticking out?  That bed was meant for two cats. Obviously, Jake is ‘two cats’. Hahahahaha! Jake is a solid 16 pounder!

Oh, I cannot show Jake without showing Tom.

 Tom beside his Red Canopy

Tom just coming out of a nap from his red canopy with another knitted bed meant for a small cat only. Tom is smaller than Jake. Tom loves this pet canopy.  If you’d notice, it has ears and whiskers. I got this one from IKEA. There’s another canopy (blue) outside the front of the house with another knitted bed.  I believe a transient racoon or two, at times, uses it.

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It’s spring and the cherry trees are blooming! Just hints of innocent, tiny buds that one might call a ‘blush’ of color; nonetheless, it’s quite spectacular to see colors after a dreary winter. Oh, the crocuses had been out for awhile, a sure sign of warming up. The birds, lots of tiny, noisy ones, are brave enough to be out and about and could care less that my cats are all attentive, watching them, marking them for future encounters. (Gee, I’d sure hope not!)

However, last night we had a slight moment of snow (or slushy, wet snow rain). And hubby was just telling me the other day that soon we will have to take off the snow tires. Deadline to take them off is prior to April 1st. I think I will wait till then. These snow tires helped with commuting to work. Last year, with no snow tires, I had to miss a day or two of snow days.

As I write this entry, I’m having a quiet time enjoying my CHALLAH ROLL. I love these rolls, reminds of the time that I used to live in the ‘city that never sleeps’. For me, these rolls go well with cream cheese and lox, or with plain ol’ butter. I didn’t have cream cheese or lox so I opted for good ol’ butter. Also, they go well with coffee. Since am not too crazy for coffee, tea is definitely alright.

Challah Rolls

Last week, I posted What’s on The Needle for ongoing and future projects. What I’d like to say today is: I hardly touch the needles for a whole week. I have been fickle as to what I wanted my next project to be. There are SO many wonderful patterns to choose from. From the moment I choose one, a new magazine or book publication comes out to entice me.  I get so excited, then confused, then dizzy from all the great spring and/or summer patterns. Don’t you feel that way sometimes?

So, that said, here’s another pattern (very easy) that I am considering right now. I had my swatch done and love the feel of the yarn. The pattern is from Mag Knits, October 2006 website.  The yarn is from ArtYarns Supermerino.

ArtYarns Supermerino   MagKnits Minimalist Funnel Neck Pullover

Well, I have to wrap up this entry and send it away. With spring in the air, the family will be taking a weekend off to the coast and the city of roses. Mr. Wonderful is yelling, ‘Stop Blogging Now. We gotta go!’

Happy Spring Everyone!

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