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           Tom's Favorite Position                     Tom Relaxing on Top of Husband

NOOOOOOOO! It’s all about Tom Maroon! He’ll be 14 this year. The vet just gave him a clean bill of health. Well actually, he has hyperthyroidism. A common condition that cats develop when they are OLD! However, medication puts that condition in check. For now. Do you realize I have to forgo getting medication for my own health condition (no biggie) so I could afford his?

That’s how much he is loved! I cannot imagine life without this little guy. He is People-friendly. As gentle and cute as he is, he’s a TERROR to other cats and other 4-legged creatures when it comes to territory. (My husband thinks Tom and I came from the same mold ~ territorial!) He will tolerate Jake Cyclone as much as he can, since Jake is younger by two years and was a kitten when they got introduced.

Jake on His Favorite Spot

Jake, on the other hand, is considered maligned and misunderstood. Very big. Very intelligent. Very annoying. People-Shy. Paranoid. And yet, we love him as well. He only lives for his BFBP. That is short for Bed, Food, Box, and Perch. He gets crafty when it comes to his needs, his selfish needs. But that’s another blog entry to feature his adventures and the humans’ misadventure with him.


So, where’re the knitting projects?

Well……..I’ve been lazy…………it’s embarrassing! I have 7 working projects……SEVEN! And what have I been doing instead of knitting?…………Reading blogs and writing blogs. I’m addicted to blogging.

Last night, being a Thursday, I was reading blogs till close to 0200, which made it wee morning Friday hours. I only stopped because I was yelled at. The noise of pounding keyboard keys was too much for working folks. While Thursdays through Saturdays are my weekend off, my two boys had to work on Fridays, like regular sane people. Crazy folks like me have weird hours. What can I say?

Back to the knitting topic…….do you sense I’m sorta avoiding it.


Red Tanktop for a Birthday Girl   A Red Tanktop for a niece’s birthday present. Pattern is simple, made it up myself.

Close Up of Butterfly Stitch   Click to enlarge for a close-up view of butterfly stitch.

Red Shawl   This shawl is not quite done. Needs a button or two. Is meant for a small person.



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I was thinking that I’d like to commit to writing blog entries on Fridays, at least most Fridays, unless something pressing comes up that I couldn’t do it. So Why Fridays? Well, first off, it’s a complete weekend day off. Why ‘complete’? Let me explain. I work nights from Sunday through Wednesday. My first weekend is Thursday, but it’s a weird weekend because half the day is already gone by my sleeping a few hours, then switching to normal hours, like everyone else in this earth. Anyway, let me stop explaining night shifts as that is a subject all of its own to write about.

So Fridays, I have the whole day to do absolutely NOTHING or EVERYTHING. What that means, I can slack off and do the normal catch-up on chores and such. That’s my NOTHING. Now EVERYTHING means, knitting in a frenzy 2 or more knit projects, volunteer work, working out, dance classes and going out dancing & listening to live band music at the clubs at night. Add to that, BLOGGING! That is why my hubby (and verified by others) calls me BIPOLAR; mind you, he does not say, TYPE A personality. That does not come up at all. But BIPOLAR seems to be the label I hear about me.

Hey, where am I going with this topic, “Friday Blog Entry”? I seem to be getting carried away from talking about the subject! Anyhoot…..

As always, I cannot sit around doing 1 knit project at a time. I truly get bored! Have to have more than 1 or 2 at a time. So that said, here are ‘what’s on the needle’ right now:

For the most recent finished projects (FOs):

scarf/beanie hat set: a gift to my friend in London (arriving early next week)

red cape: meant for someone small (see photo below)


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