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Heat Wave!

RECORD-BREAKING 95° today. On a spring day?!

Today would NOT have been a good day to do the following:

1) Blood labworks; 12-hour fasting: how do I know to schedule this on a very hot day. The outcome is this:

hives on the right arm

That’s because I did not take any medication prior to the blood test. That meant NO HIVES MEDICATION till after the test. Boy, was I itching all over! My idiopathic hives attack anything….be it a scratch, or anything like change in body temperature, climate change, etc… So, it attacked the site where the needle went in to get the blood. The heat did not help either and exacerbated everything.

hives on the left arm 
see that red spot in the middle of the elbow crease

It’s a cruel, cruel day to break out into HIVES.

2) Ironing Day: after so many days of procrastination, I chose today to do it! Darn!

3) Yardwork: I was going to move some pavers and build a little area to plant a miniature tree in the back garden. Still need to buy the tree though; maybe tomorrow.

4) Knitting Heavy Wool/Merino Projects: stick with cotton yarn projects. KNITTING MUST GO ON!


There’s good news, though! The good husband called and suggested after he comes home from work today, to drive to the coast and spend the night there and come home late tomorrow, way past the heat of the day. Yippeeeeee!!

Unfortunately, My Precious will not be coming with us. He prefers it that way, to get us parents out of his hair! Not sure how he’ll spend the rest of today and tomorrow cooling off. He will play guardian to the 2 little residents of the house, to make sure they are hydrated and cooled off.

Although I may have to postpone yardwork and tree-buying probably on Sunday, I can’t do the same with ironing. I’ll just have to drink lots of fluids and dive into the chore. And as far as knitting is concerned, I’ll bring my projects to the overnight coast trip.



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Okay, here’s TAKE 2 of the entry. With an aging brain like mine, it’s an amazement if I can remember ‘anything’ of yesterday. Since this entry should have been done days and days ago, my memory is blank with what I had written then. That said, today’s entry would be entirely of different thought content.

Last Saturday, March 15th, Mr. Wonderful and I went to his sister’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Party around 7ish p.m.. It was a party not to be missed. There’s always good food and great drinks. Mind you, I do not drink. I’m not a prude, religious, or sanctimonious about drinks. Plain and simple, I’m allergic to alcohol.

So back to the St. Pats’ subject. The guests at my SIL’s party comprised of mostly her and her husband’s friends and co-workers. There’s one guest (an attorney by day and a wild & crazy kind of guy at parties) that, if present, always guaranteed a wild and crazy party. Alas, he wasn’t there at this party. His wife, a wonderful chef of her own right, wasn’t there either. So, food fare was lacking of her scrumptious dishes. She would have brought  corned beef and cabbage. However, someone did bring that dish, which is a must for any respectable Irish party. One guest brought my favorite dish, Whiskey-soaked pudding bread. Last year, I got drunk and broke into HIVES for eating too much of it.

With the wild-and-crazy guy not showing up, there were interesting guests that DID show up. From the youngest of 14-months old to the oldest of 90’s old. In fact, there were 2 fun loving mature guests (one was the 90’s yo and the other was in her 80’s) who knew to keep up with the rest of the boomer-aged guests and some young adult-aged ones. There was one guest who brought his guitar so he could entertain the party-goers with live music. His music genre mostly revolved around Jimmy Buffet-type of music. Passable, but I wanted hard rock, or anything that would make me dance.

 Guest with Guitar  14-Month Old Partygoer 

After spending 3 hours at the party, the 14-month old baby, who was the main interest of the party since he was running around and dancing, had to leave. His young adult parents had tired of the boomers’ party and wanted to go where there was a REAL party going on. Once the baby left, the live music stopped and the atmosphere went from lively to BORING . That’s my description of what a party without lively music and dancing is like. Plus, the fact that Mr. Wonderful has been all smiles and been seen constantly with a shot glass filled with something. I thought it was time to part him from that shot glass. And so we left at 11:30 p.m.

Till next St. Patrick’s Day Party……hopefully, My Precious (my son) would be there as he opted out this year.

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