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I was thinking that I’d like to commit to writing blog entries on Fridays, at least most Fridays, unless something pressing comes up that I couldn’t do it. So Why Fridays? Well, first off, it’s a complete weekend day off. Why ‘complete’? Let me explain. I work nights from Sunday through Wednesday. My first weekend is Thursday, but it’s a weird weekend because half the day is already gone by my sleeping a few hours, then switching to normal hours, like everyone else in this earth. Anyway, let me stop explaining night shifts as that is a subject all of its own to write about.

So Fridays, I have the whole day to do absolutely NOTHING or EVERYTHING. What that means, I can slack off and do the normal catch-up on chores and such. That’s my NOTHING. Now EVERYTHING means, knitting in a frenzy 2 or more knit projects, volunteer work, working out, dance classes and going out dancing & listening to live band music at the clubs at night. Add to that, BLOGGING! That is why my hubby (and verified by others) calls me BIPOLAR; mind you, he does not say, TYPE A personality. That does not come up at all. But BIPOLAR seems to be the label I hear about me.

Hey, where am I going with this topic, “Friday Blog Entry”? I seem to be getting carried away from talking about the subject! Anyhoot…..

As always, I cannot sit around doing 1 knit project at a time. I truly get bored! Have to have more than 1 or 2 at a time. So that said, here are ‘what’s on the needle’ right now:

For the most recent finished projects (FOs):

scarf/beanie hat set: a gift to my friend in London (arriving early next week)

red cape: meant for someone small (see photo below)



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