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It’s Saturday! A weekend for doing absolutely nothing! Darn! I have tons to iron today. I have been procrastinating this week when it came to ironing.

 Darn Ironing   Stacks of clothes to iron

I’d rather be reading (and of course, knitting TOO).

 Books I have read 

So far, I have read little these days. It would take someone to move mountains before you can get me to read these days. Mind you, I love to read. When I was a teenager, I’d read one softcover at least a night. I’d burn the midnight oil just so I could finish a book. In high school, I fell in love with Greek mythology, English literature, world literature. In college, I added detective stories; sci-fi; non-fiction; glossy, visual art, architecture books and magazines. Through the years after that, I gravitated towards ancient history, vampires, alien world, ghosts, and horror stories. (Ooooooo! I hate to admit here: I’m fascinated with real crime stories.)  

Then, after my son was born, it was all about children’s books. My Precious loved it when it was bed time. It meant animated reading! I created little books for him; collaborated stories with him. Books that are just meant for us privately. Any chance I’d get, I’d volunteer and tutor reading at my son’s school. I miss those days! Reading children’s books were so satisfying to me, I must confess. From time to time, I must admit, I’d sneak in a children’s book reading that I find interesting. They’re quick and simple.

Nowadays, my reading interest peaks surprisingly on quantum physics, black holes, time dimension, and last by not least, parallel world. (And trashy magazines. NOT!) But would you believe, as much as I love dancing, I’ve never had interest in reading any thing pertaining to dance or dancers. I find them boring! Isn’t that strange?

I just finished reading the following:

 One of my favorite magazines     Crochet Magazine? I\'m such a traitor!


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