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Today is Friday! And it’s Blog Entry Day. Am trying to be true to my word. So here goes…

Yesterday, our electrician came to do some projects here and there. Last week, he came over to check out what he had to do for yesterday. One of the little projects was to check out why the dishwasher is coming up with blackish-looking gunk at the bottom of the unit; and there always seem to be standing water. The gunk did not just suddenly spring up. It took months and months of the build-up. And so we check the manual: yes, standing water is normal and it’s clean; no, the dishwasher cleans itself up every time it is being used and no need to remove the basket that has the standing water. I did mention to him that from time to time an error C6 comes up. C6 means there’s not enough HOT water to wash the dishes. The error does not come up all the time; probably about once a month. We read some more information from the manual. C6 means that the hot water is lower than the minimum 120 degrees. So, off the electrician went to the garage to adjust the water temperature on the water heater. We discovered it to be less than 100 degrees. He adjusted it to 130 degrees. Mind you, this adjustment was done last week.

So yesterday, Peter (the electrician) asked how the dishwasher is doing. I said that it seems to be fine and can tell that hot water is must be working since at the drying time, there seems to be more steam coming out of the unit than I’ve ever seen it before the temperature adjustment. But the blackish gunk might take a little bit longer to disappear, is what I mentioned to him. He then proceeded to open the little basket where the gunk is underneath of, and…..and…. IF YOU ARE OF THE SQUIRMISH KIND……do not continue to read!

As much as I did not want to see what was the gunk, it’s good that I saw it. That way, immediate action was needed. Upon taking out the basket and turning it over, one can see HAIR! Hair-like black gunk. Which would only mean SLIME, MOLDS………and Peter looked down with his flashlight and he saw worm-like squigglies (whatever that is). He proceeded to tell me every detail of what he was seeing. I was squirming with terror and I had to tell him to shut up at that moment. We scrambled to find bleach, concentrated bleach to pour down and kill every *&^%($#@ blackish gunk there was. Then we ran the dishwasher with nothing except bleach in it.

But now this, the terror I showed earlier was the thought that flashed before me, that for all the months and months we have been using the dishwasher with the gunk in it, well…..the dishes we keep using from what we thought were being cleaned by the dishwasher……….I DON’T WANT TO THINK ANYMORE.

I did not take a picture of the horror before we killed it with bleach. But here’s what it looks like after two cycles done with bleach in it. Still not acceptable, though. One can still see the remnant of the blackish gunk on the right side of the area that has the standing water.


Since we cannot use that stupid GE unit, we now have to resort to hand-washing. Hand-washing is not a new chore for me, since I constantly wash pots, pans and anything not meant to be washed in the dishwasher; however, it’s been ages since I had hand-washed china, here’s what happened to the first one I did……


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