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Today is my birthday! ….happy happy joy joy!

I break down birthday celebrations in 3 categories.

  • One category I consider non-eventful. These are the between-decade occasions.
  • Another category is what I call the dreadful years, e.g.: …9th birthdays (19th, 29th….I should stop here as I might accidentally reveal my age!) I consider ‘…9th’ birthdays dreadful as it prepare me to face the……
  • Last category, which is the ‘flat ten or decade‘ birthdays or the big deal. This last category is very significant as it lays out the foundation for the incoming decade of my life and how I should go about living it. Usually at that point, I’d be resigning to or accepting of what lies ahead for me.

This year’s birthday falls between non-eventful and big deal. And for weird reasons, everyone at work and a person from my medical insurance company wished me the BD greetings. Usually at work, I try to stay low around this special event as not to bring attention to myself. But no can do today. My manager announced to my whole department that I alone has the April birthday; that there would be cake next Tuesday, April 15th at 2 p.m. (why wait that long?) at the project office table. There’s something wrong here………the whole department will get to eat cake while the recipient (me!) cannot be there because she works nights.  I don’t think they’d even leave me a piece. That’s one of the disadvantages of working nights……the day shift people get to party and let you know about it, but there’s NEVER a leftover for you, not even crumbs. That’s like stabbing you and twisting the knife for more effect. (oops! let’s not get morbid here!)

Anyway, since I work nights, I go home early in the day. So, today I bought donuts. Why? BECAUSE I CAN DO IT WITHOUT REGRETS, THAT’S WHY! (testy isn’t she!?!)

donuts for birthdays

Ate a couple of those oh, so damn good donuts and had tea (2 cups to be exact). Then I took a nap. Oh, wait…..I had to feed the cats, medicate one of them, read the papers especially the comic section, knit a little bit till I couldn’t stay awake any longer.

 Mr. Wonderful left me a voice mail greeting this morning. That was thoughtful! I was going to cut out early from work, but a last minute issue came up and I couldn’t tear myself away from it. It’s what one calls ‘work responsibility’. I really wanted to leave early so I could see Mr. Wonderful before he left for work. But alas! And so he left me that voice mail.

This afternoon, My Precious came home and avoided me. Hhhhmmmm! something is up! He is being surreptitious! I’ll play along with this game. Heeeheee!


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