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Yeah, it may be a long weekend celebration for most people. It’s just a weekend for me! There are alot of people out there who still need to work like any other day. If one works for the health care industry, like me, there’s no such thing as holidays. I have yet to experience a whole year when I could just take off all the holidays (six base holidays for the U.S.). ‘Such luxury’, I’d say!

So, tonight Sunday, I work. Tomorrow, being the Memorial Day holiday, I work.

But then, I shouldn’t be whining. Mr. Precious, although he gets the 6 base holidays off, he hardly gets more than 2 paid-vacation¬†weeks at his company; and he’s been working there for more than 15 years.

Aahhhhh! This is where the health care industry vacation differs. Their policy goes like this: the longer you work, the more paid time off (PTO) accumulates in percentage. Also, the longer years you work, the percentage of PTO increases. (Management has higher PTO percentage.) So really, I shouldn’t be whining. Sorry.

The truth is, I have accumulated more than 400 PTO hours to-date. Translate that to 10 weeks of 40 hours equal 2.5 months! Imagine that! Of course, that is cumulative. However, sick time, goof-off time, vacation time, holidays, and even family leave time affect PTO accumulation. Recently as two to three years ago, the policy changed to¬†institute a 600 PTO hours cap. Which means, one loses the hours past 600. But one has to be stupid to reach that far. Before the cap, there were people I know (mostly from management) having more than 1,000 PTO. I felt envious! The reason for the cap is that the company wants everyone to ‘take time off work once in awhile so as not to burn out’.

But here’s a sweet deal! PTOs can be cashed out (50 hour cap per year); can be donated to co-workers who are in dire need of them (e.g., they are having medical issues and have run out of their own PTOs).

Well folks, enjoy the long holiday weekend! Don’t forget to think about our war veterans and heroes, even though we may oppose the Iraq War!


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