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Darn that groundhog! Actually, I think it’s cruelty to animals to have a hibernating groundhog plucked from its burrow (para satisfacer a algunos ESTUPIDOS humanos tradicion) of predicting the seasons. It’s almost always, the groundhog predicts 6 more weeks of winter. It never fails!There’s a reason why: when the human official of groundhog day takes him out, what does the poor animal sees in bright daylight —– throngs of pendejos applauding. If I were a groundhog, I’d surely want to go back to my burrow; hence predicting another 6 weeks of winter. hahahahahahaha!

So far, I’ve been distracting this seasonal affected disorder that infects me every winter time. But six more weeks, I don’t know how I could hold my head up. And the cold, brrr!

Even this creature has come back!

Pink Eyes!

What creature? That is my Christmas cactus reblooming. Amazing, huh?

Tada! Christmas Cactus

The plant sure brightens the home atmosphere. I have two of these. After the first time the plants lost the flowers, I’ve been putting them in complete darkness daily for at least twelve hours until the flower buds came out again.

Colorful things are needed to uplift the spirit! I’m sick of gray, and more gray. I wish Spring is here already!


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New Snow, Sunny & 25 Degrees

Who cares?!

I do!

All work week long, I worried going up and down the hills.

But now, it’s my weekend. There’s new snow on the ground so who cares.

I love it, I love it, I love it!

I can just relax…make hot cocoa…eat biscottis…do household chores…and…


But before we can get to that, look what I did after I thoroughly shoveled the driveway, walkway, part of the street so the mail carrier and newspaper carrier (discovered he didn’t make it up the hills today) can get through; whacked the hell snow off of the bushes and trees, cleared the heat pump; and made a point to the next door neighbor (that I saw him shoveled his snow off from his property onto my property) by clearing that particular area.  That was not neighborly, do you think? Oh, I didn’t shoveled it back to his property. I won’t do such act to others. I’m such a territorial person, I cannot help it!


My favorite ShrubTaken this early morning of the backyard. That’s my favorite pom-pom viburnum shrub. Notice sunshine in the background.

Also, notice that I can type on the side of the photo as I discovered I can do that all along, if only I’d bravely experiment WordPress. Yeahay!


Clouds and Sun Under Snow ConditionsAwesome clouds and sun, don’t you think?

And look, I’m typing on the left side of the photo. I’m quite giddy about being able to do this.








Lovely Cherry Tree


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White Havoc

End of 2008 Snow

This is the front of the house, taken yesterday, upon coming home from work. Below was taken looking at the deck railing to see how much snow accumulated.

That is a good 3 inches there!

 It’s strange to be blogging on a Tuesday. There’s a reason for that. And it has something to do with what else……..snow.

I took off from work last night. I had no gumption to wade through the streets that have turned into a whole big ice rink. Staying home isn’t all relaxation and warmth though. Starting from yesterday to today, I had been walking through snow up and down the hills. This white havoc all started when…… 

Sunday past, I blogged about snow. Or the lack of it that day. Well, that night, it snowed. The whole town was blanketed with white powder Monday morning. Gosh darn, I didn’t think it would snow. What was I thinking!

Going to work that Sunday night, I was dressed lightly with a light sweater and clogs. Come morning, temperature had dipped to low 20’s.

Clogs Surprisingly Not Wet  Going home from work, I had to wrap my clogs with garbage bags. No problem there. People who saw me chuckled! It was no chuckle trying to open the door to the truck though. I was able to unlock it but the door wouldn’t budge. Took me a lengthy 10 minutes to get in. After finally getting in, all I had to do then was clear snow off the windshield and windows. The snow brush and the shovel were in the truck bed. I tried to open the window to the canopy and it wouldn’t budge.  So I had to clear the snow off with my gloved hands. Yeahay! At least I have brought gloves with me on the way to work. Genius! From the time I got to the parking lot and moving from the parking lot, a half hour had passed.

As I drove home ever so slowly, doing 10-15 mph crawling on local streets, it had taken me close to an hour, which normally would have taken me 15 to 20 minutes only. More trouble was about to happen. The hurdle that I would describe as a ’35° angle of a steep hill’ had to be overcome before I could get to my street. This slope (albeit there are other streets to reach home, but quite steeper hills to pass) is the only one that I had a 50-50 chance of going through. A left turn is needed to get to this street/hill. It is always a problem on icy and snowy circumstances with this street. Once brakes are employed on an incline, it’s hard to get going even on a straight road. But to stop and go as one makes a turn, results in less momentum. And you need momentum to climb that 35° angle. And momentum means engine revving; engine revving means sliding even with sn-o-wt-i-res.

So, since I couldn’t overcome the hill anymore, I had to reverse down to the street below and park the truck. There was no choice but to walk the rest of the way home. It’s a block and a half to the house. Mind you, I only had light jacket and clogs. No choice but to brave the walk.

One-fourth along the way, I had the urge to pee. And if you are my age, when you have the urge, you just had to go. Panic ensued. Walking with urgency (running would have been better), I found luck. Someone was shoveling their driveway. Went over and begged, and I mean, begged if I could use his bathroom. I lost all shame and inhibition to ask that. The man saw my desperation and let me in. But his dogs got so excited to have a visitor, poor man had to stifle them and kicked them out on the side yard. I kept apologizing. But I felt better. That got me home faster.

That afternoon, I had to walk back to the truck and pick my husband up. He had to hitch a ride from our son (his car has sn-o-wt-i-res), to get to work that morning. But my son leaves work earlier than the hubby, so I had to pick him up in the evening.  The street I had to take to get to him is a major thruway. It took me 45 minutes to get to him when it would have only taken 10 minutes. The street was such an ice rink! (Hence, I decided at that point I wasn’t going to brave going to work.)

About  10 blocks below our house, we decided to leave the truck for the night and trek home. That was a good decision, because as we were walking uphill, there were vehicles groaning as they climbed the hill. Some didn’t make it. There was an idiot in a 4-wheel drive that was speeding up and actually made it. Such risky move!

Very early morning today, hubby and I trekked down to the truck to drive him to work. The ride wasn’t that bad anymore. Coming back home alone, I parked a bit closer to home; I wasn’t brave enough to try the steep hill yet. Then I walked back home, only to have to do that action again later when I pick the hubby up. And tonight when I go to work, another trek down to the vehicle is in order. Tomorrow, the cycle repeats itself.

With all this trekking back and forth, I realized that I have conditioned myself to continue walking up and down the hill on a regular basis from now on. This is actually one of my New Year’s resolution that has just started way in advance of the New Year.

With all this tiresome story of havoc that is the result of snow, one does not think of it upon seeing its beauty.

Serene and Lovely

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Wishing for a White Christmas

Throughout the past week, the weather prediction was of plunging temperatures, wind chill factor, and snow.
Well, yesterday, we had some white powder up the hills but none on the valley. I thought the snow would stick, but it was gone in a matter of hours.
The forecast for this Sunday was more snow. We woke up to sunshine, but brrrr! temperature. Sunday is not over and I’m watching the weather channel ever so often. I’m hoping that it would NOT SNOW tonight. This is my first work night back for the week. I’m responsible for the lab system maintenance and my manager prays I don’t call in ‘sick’ on those nights I have to take the system down. This is one of the nights. Users will rejoice, but system may be vulnerable for the rest of the week if maintenance is disrupted.

The rest of the week will be in the low 20’s for the highs and teens for the lows. Winter is here.

Please don’t snow this early. If only mother nature can wait a bit. I’m wishing for a White Christmas.  Of all the years that I have lived in the United States, snow and Christmas Eve/Day never aligned themselves. Never ever! Nevertheless, there’s still that hope for a white Christmas. To someone who always had a tropical, warm Christmas experience growing up in the islands by the Equator.

Since there wasn’t much snow yesterday to capture in picture, let me show you a snow photo taken at the end of 2003.

At Dawn!

Isn’t this amazing?! This scene is behind our house. It may look so beautiful but the snow icy weather played havoc to commuters that time. For the first time in years I’ve worked nights, management had to accept less than the number of employees (IT and lab techs alike) manning the lab that night. I couldn’t make it; the truck couldn’t get out of the sloped driveway. Taxis did not want to venture up hill, so there was no choice but to stay home. (And rejoice!) Luckily, there were no pressing emergencies happening that night at the hospital. The New Year revelers stayed home.

Still, I wish for a White Christmas. BECAUSE I’M OFF for this year’s holiday.

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Heat Wave!

RECORD-BREAKING 95° today. On a spring day?!

Today would NOT have been a good day to do the following:

1) Blood labworks; 12-hour fasting: how do I know to schedule this on a very hot day. The outcome is this:

hives on the right arm

That’s because I did not take any medication prior to the blood test. That meant NO HIVES MEDICATION till after the test. Boy, was I itching all over! My idiopathic hives attack anything….be it a scratch, or anything like change in body temperature, climate change, etc… So, it attacked the site where the needle went in to get the blood. The heat did not help either and exacerbated everything.

hives on the left arm 
see that red spot in the middle of the elbow crease

It’s a cruel, cruel day to break out into HIVES.

2) Ironing Day: after so many days of procrastination, I chose today to do it! Darn!

3) Yardwork: I was going to move some pavers and build a little area to plant a miniature tree in the back garden. Still need to buy the tree though; maybe tomorrow.

4) Knitting Heavy Wool/Merino Projects: stick with cotton yarn projects. KNITTING MUST GO ON!


There’s good news, though! The good husband called and suggested after he comes home from work today, to drive to the coast and spend the night there and come home late tomorrow, way past the heat of the day. Yippeeeeee!!

Unfortunately, My Precious will not be coming with us. He prefers it that way, to get us parents out of his hair! Not sure how he’ll spend the rest of today and tomorrow cooling off. He will play guardian to the 2 little residents of the house, to make sure they are hydrated and cooled off.

Although I may have to postpone yardwork and tree-buying probably on Sunday, I can’t do the same with ironing. I’ll just have to drink lots of fluids and dive into the chore. And as far as knitting is concerned, I’ll bring my projects to the overnight coast trip.


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Snow on an April Day

It was predicted that the valley would have a dusting of snow on Saturday. Temperatures would be 32° overnight and 46° the whole day. If there’s a dusting in the valley, that would only mean real snow up on the hills. I live on the hills.

And this morning as predicted, this was what I saw outside.Outside the back deck

 neighbor's rooftop  


Mind you, last Saturday the temperature went up to 84° with bright sunshine, a sure sign of warm weather ahead. Humans got fooled. Also fooled were the bees. Bees are harmless, but what we have here are predominantly the yellow jackets and the wasps. They were out on attack mode last Saturday. Well! Today, they are nowhere to be found. HA!

From all this excitement, I think I pulled a chest muscle. Gotta go!

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