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2-tone Pink Shrug 

Knit In Progress #6
Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece
Marianne Garrison Design (LYS)
Needle Size 5 to gauge
Gauge 5 sts +1″ stockinette stitch 
Start Date: Early August
Target Finish Date: Ongoing

Special Note: Knitting this little shrug is so much fun and a cinch to make. I’ve already finished a small-sized two-tone pink one and a medium-sized blue one. I love this shade of blue ~ Blue Paradise. The pink one is Blush; the darker pink: A Mistake!  Both shrugs are just waiting to have a button sewn up on each of them. Actually, I haven’t bought the buttons. I’ll have to wait till I come back from the marathon.

Then, I’m in the middle of knitting a red tweed-looking piece called Rosy Paintbrush ~ very pleasing color piece. The pink one goes to my mom; the blue one (a bit late birthday present) to my oldest sis (OS); the red tweedy one goes to youngest sis (YS). I’ll send my mom’s and (OS) the week after the marathon. YS will get hers a week or so after that.

About the 2-tone pink shrug, the yarn was on sale and I grab two of them not even looking at the dye lot. I’m such a blind bat! After I’ve finished knitting the piece did I only discover the different shade. My mom is more blind than I am and so will not mind at all. hahahahahaha!

Eyelet Edge Detail Edges look more like cables

Unfinished Blue Shrug Sleeves I made this longer

Red Shrug Still On The Needle YS will love this

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Phew! The blocks are done. All 28 of them! See KIP #3.


It’s now time to get the ends tucked in; blocks stitched together. There should be 4 blocks across and 7 rows of panels down. The original pattern called for 24 blocks to which I added 4 more blocks. My son would benefit from the extra length.

I had no color scheme for this afghan. At first I thought I’d use all the male-oriented colors of blues, blacks, grays and greens. But then, I don’t think my son could care less as long as predominant colors are not PINK! So I just went ahead and grabbed as many different colorways available.

Aren't they Lively Colors!
And there would be NO BLOCKING these squares. I went to Ravelry to see what knitters have done to their Lizard Ridge afghans. Of all the ones that published their gorgeous afghans, there was only one (sorry, can’t remember her name), as far as I know, that didn’t block hers and it looked fine. So, since I hate blocking, I’ll follow her route. Besides, my son wouldn’t mind, as whatever mom gives him, he would accept.

Sample Blocks For Lizard Ridge Afghan

The time management I’ve put in and stuck to for this project is on track. And I’m really happy about this. There’s still enough time to put it together in time for my son’s birthday in late October. And that’s the main goal.

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Deadline Extended

Just a quick note here!

The 150th Post Giveaway deadline has been extended to tomorrow at 09:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time.

I just realized, today is Sunday and I go to work at around 10:30 p.m. tonight. That would leave me no time to check my blog. But I’ll be home early tomorrow morning and will get a chance to count my visitors/commenters (is that a proper word?).

That’s good news for anyone else who may want to be included in the giveaway.

For those who are new reading or just stumbled upon this blog, here’s a reference to the giveaway.

Thanks all!

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Blueberry Pie Season Just Starting

While cherry pie season is on the wane…

…the season for blueberry pie has just started. Barely.

 See the difference in harvest yield. Gotta be patient. There is a week more of waiting before a whole bunch of blueberries will ripen. Nonetheless, blueberries are easy to handle than cherries.

I’m ready, I’m ready, I’m ready to MAKE PIE.

What’s the big bleeping thing about pie anyway that I so harp about here on this blog? For one, I can bake pies with very little effort than, say, cakes. Two, pies are all I’m good at making. And my cooking/baking motto is simply: ‘Five ingredients or less!’ If any of what food prep I’m doing fits that motto, I IS HAPPY! Isn’t that telling of a lazy person or what, huh?

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Happy Fourth of July

The true sense of the 4th of July celebration has been lost by me. Well, not quite, really.

I’m happy for once I am off from work! So I have an excuse to lose any true sense of the celebration of the American independence Day that came into play in 1776. I am ready to celebrate. PERIOD.

Celebrate it is, with the whole 3-member family off on a work day. Yehay! It’s BBQ season in full swing. Actually, Memorial Day (in late May) usually heralds the beginning of summer. July 4th holiday cements the summer fun and BBQ season with no-holds-barred.

FIREWORKS please commence!

For the rest of the world: Happy summer, fall, winter, spring…….and whatever fun you call and can celebrate.

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Yard Work

The rainy season seems to be over. For now.

What have I been doing lately? Yardwork, for sure. No knitting lately. Not that I was lazy. But the yard all around needed much attention. The weeds were as tall as I am.

Last year’s garden projects were scrapped by the project buster: Mr. Wonderful. Unless it’s counting money, or talking financial forecast and automobiles, he would NOT be interested in anything else. Jerry’s or Home Depot, he would avoid at all cost.

So, this summer, I’d like to pick up where I left off. Without much help from you-know-who. The projects would be slow-going. But I have accomplished something today.

Back porch leading out from garage:

Back Porch

I’m proud to say, those pavers as heavy as they were, were hauled over by none other. If you notice a black tarp covering, it’s to protect area from the cats making a toilet out of it.

Area is now transformed to this:

 Magnolia Tree at Back Porch 

That tree is a deciduous Magnolia. There’s an evergreen Magnolia in front of the house. I’d like to plant more Magnolia trees all over and call my house the Magnolia House.

The area above still needs more soil and annuals/flowers. Plus flat top pavers for a finishing look. But I just totally pooped out from working in the middle of a hot day without food, so I quit early.

Next project is the pergola area. Hauling gravel and sand, not sure if I’m looking forward to that. Maybe, having the Magnolia Tree area looking so pretty will make Mr. Wonderful guilty and help me with the pergola project.


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Yesterday was my brother’s birthday. 

 clipartHope it was great!


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Fate or Sheer Luck?

If you have not followed a famous video clip of this one, here’s a fascinating story of:


In life, we have, had or about to encounter something similar, be it of a smaller scale or even a bigger one. The only thing that we always wish for, is to get out of it unscathed.

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I didn’t expect many birthday gifts, but that’s alright. I appreciate what I have.  And here they are:

Garden tools with mini-clock from my lil’ sister

 Bday gift from lil sis     bday gift from co-worker     Geranium pot from a co-worker


Kershaw Baby Boa folding knife from my son

bday gift from My Precious     Closed Kershaw Baby Boa    

Mr. Wonderful gave me a gift certificate (no photo) to my favorite local performing arts theatre. His sister mentioned that she has a present waiting for me to be pick up sometime this week.

Speaking of performing arts……..sometime ago, I went to see Forever Tango. The show was quite enjoyable. Featured predominantly was Nuevo Tango.

Forever Tango Show postcard 

Tango Nuevo uses open embrace more than traditional Tango. The music is played with combination of traditional tango and electronica. The dance has more leg kicks, lifting and twirling like ballroom dancing than the traditional Tango. I find that nuevo is more open, but less sensual. However, with traditional Tango the partners tend to be in very closed embrace; with the woman trusting the man to lead the dance. I have a problem with that. I discovered that with partner dancing I tend to lead; annoys the hell out of a man trying to wrestle the lead from me. I have difficulty with ‘very closed embrace’, unless it’s with my husband. Unfortunately, my husband is a non-dancer. He does not see the joy in dancing. Closed embrace and trust are what stop me from really enjoying tango (as a dancer). My instructor is a woman. I dance great when she leads. I crumble in disgrace when an actual dance with a man happens. I’d feel clumsy and stupid. So I don’t know. I’m in a dilemma if I want to pursue learning it further. There’s always ballroom, flamenco, modern dances to fall back to.

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Knife Show Today!

Look what I got at the knife show today. A Katana (Japan) from the Edo period.

katana and sheath   Katana handle, sheath handle   Close-up of katana handle

Pointy implements are such a big deal to My Precious; and me. Swords, switch blades and stilettos grab my interest real quickly; while my son’s into all sorts of knives, especially Balisong (butterfly knife).

Mr. Wonderful is not allowed to handle knives. Or fire except when grilling. Seriously. 

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