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Kalua Says Aloha!

Aloha! My name is Kalua Bahboy!

My name is Kalua Bahboy from Kailua Hawaii

This good and kind human bought me from my lonely perch on a glass-panelled storefront in Waikiki and took me home to HUE-JEAN. Then I met others like me. A whole village full of PIGGETTs and other cute-looking stuffed creatures. Now am happi! The kind human named me Kalua. Which is kinda sick, considering Kalua is Hawaiian for ‘roast’ pig.

I’m wearing a Hawaiian print cloth. Do you like it?

Kalua In Traditional Hawaiian Print



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Hot Stuff, Official Mascot for Valentine's

Made dinner at home and invited My Precious for a simple chicken dinner. After which, there was an exchange of simple gifts of chocolates and cards.

Earlier this week, I happened to mention to Mr. Wonderful that I’d like to go to the club Saturday to hear a rock-blues band, JC Rico & Zulu Dragon, play. It so happen that February 14th is JC’s last gig. He’s retiring after this gig. I’d love to hear him and his band play; and quite sad and disappointed that few of the bands I follow, either retire or fold. So, I really, really wanted to listen to him.

On the Valentine’s card that Mr. Wonderful gave me, he wrote: “Let’s go see JC Ricco.” I jumped for joy. Mr. Wonderful, quite a while back, had stated flatly that his days of club-hopping (he rarely does BTW) are numbered. He’s getting too old. That from now on, he can only promise to come with me four times a year, on a quarterly basis. That’s why I had to jump for joy, that although I go without him often enough, it’s still a great feeling to have him there, even if he does not dance alot of the times.

After dinner, it was then off to hear JC Rico at Mac’s at the Vet’s Club. Mr. Wonderful is actually on a first name basis there, which surprised me, which also surprised the bartenders knowing that they see me frequent the place without the hubby; and to see both of us together must be a brow-raiser for the bartenders.

It sure was a lovely end for Valentine’s night. We did ask My Precious if he wanted to come to the club, but by the look on his face, the message was: ‘I would not want to be seen in the likes of old people dancing and making fools of themselves. I’d rather be dead.’

Flowers, Chocolates & Hot Stuff

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Top this, Lampaii!

Jingling Pig Reindeer!

Show me on your blog!

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Today, Sunday, was the last day to attend the Black Sheep Gathering. And so I went.

I even encountered the SIL and her hubby, checking out the Romney sheep. They were surprised I was there. I’m very sensitive. I always have the impression that these, otherwise wonderful people would always seem to be shocked I can do things or go to places they go too. Or that I can read books. Or that I’m educated like everyone else. Or that I can argue and hold my ground with what I know, be it religion, politics, rice, etc. Just not finances (of course, they do not know that) and wine or beer.

Anyhoot, I have every right to be there. Yarn is my passion! (Aries is my birth sign, of all things!) I was mildly surprised they were even remotely interested in sheep. At one point, the SIL was trying to impress upon me her knowledge of sheep. Until I told her more than she could take or already know. ‘If you do not know your stuff, don’t open your mouth’, is what I’d like to tell her.

Boy, was I cranky today! But prior to (and after) my encounter with the SIL and the hubby, I was giddy to the point of being like a child discovering a new candy store.

Check these photos out.


Hey, you’re the same person who took my foto last year!


Look at that huge pair of scissors!


Black-faced lammies for sale! I didn’t buy any. Darn!


Spinning Wheels a-plenty!


 Colorful wares!

What! You want my picture?!

I will post more photos in a day or two. And to show you what I bought. Plus an interview with someone who owns 80 alpacas.

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Yup! Like all knitters, crocheters, even spinners (I think), there’s an endless supply of yarn leftovers after projects are done. What do people do with them? Many possible uses I’m sure.

When I get bored/tired with on-going projects, I discovered I can do………….


Cute Bunny

courtesy of: Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts:AMIGURIMI

Better than knitting socks. Oh, I can just hear sock-loving knitters scowl and scream profanity at me. I just have no interest knitting socks. No idea why!

Becomes Monster Bunny

What do you think? Not quite well I suppose. But it’s an enjoyable instant accomplishment. There’s no problem with the crocheting part. It’s the putting together part that was questionable. Would you believe, it took a good 2 hours to sew the joints, eyes, ears, nose and tail? I thought it would be easy. My sewing prowess is waning!

Monster Bunny Peaking in Linen Closet     Linen Closet is Awful, Lemme Out!     Monster Bunny in Laundry Basket

Well, let’s put it this way. Practice makes perfect. Besides I’ve always been a closet-crocheter (is that a proper word?). Also, as an avid knitter, I feel I’m betraying that craft for crochet, so I get feelings of guilt. Is the Catholic in me showing?

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