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Over the weekend, a lovely postcard from Anya came in the mail. It made my day. The eye candy of a card popped out and made me happy. The little note made an extra skip in my heart. It was a thank-you note for the yarn given away on my First Anniversary Giveaway. It said:

“Thank you so much! I gave it to a friend who said she would knit me a pair of socks. I made her promise to make something for herself, too.
Thanks again!”

Anya does not knit; she quilts awesome, adorable quilts. But she knows a good material when she sees one. That DyeLots yarn was one heck of a lovely fiber to knit.

Here’s what the card looks like. What’s great about it is…it’s actually a piece of quilt with stiffed white backing. (Is that a correct quilt-speak, Anya?) A brilliant idea for a postcard!

Anya's TY Postcard

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September is a good month! It’s still warm enough to do outdoor stuffs. And yet, you can tell that autumn is just around the corner. As much as I love summer (sun-deprived as I am), autumn has always been my favorite season.

So why is September a good month? Because of these:

1. Eugene Celebration ~ next week! Unfortunately, I only have next Friday off so that’s only the day/night I’m going. It’s a big community effort with certain downtown streets closed off to celebrate end of summer/beginning of autumn. There’d be vendors of all sorts, bands playing all sorts of music genre, etc., etc. There’s always environmental consciousness involved as well.

2. Blade Show West~ the end of the month. My Precious wanted me to go with him. He wouldn’t go with his friends (no interest in knives whatsoever). And I talk knifey with him. His dad, well, we make sure he does not hurt himself; so he’s out of the picture.

3. Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival~ It’s the same weekend as the knife show. I might go there either Friday or Sunday. The knife show is on Saturday. I go alone as it takes a few hours to browse around and dragging any of my boys along  will bore them stiff. Last year was my first visit and liked it alot. It’s an hour’s drive up to Canby. If I go on a Friday, I might be able to go to Bridgeport Village and/or maybe hit some knitting stores up in Portland. And if Sunday, that’s my first night back to work; so I cannot do much else but the festival.

4. Upcoming Family Vacation ~ Finally! One and a half weeks from now and I can’t wait. Due to the restricted time-off imposed by the organization I work for, it’s only been recently that employees were allowed vacations lasting more than a week long. The target destination (unless the family consensus changes) is Lake Chelan and the Wenatche area up in Washington state. No camping involved though. DARN!

5. OS Birthday ~ My oldest sister’s birthday is at the end of the month.

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Crafty Little Sister

bunny made by ys A super tiny bunny!
imp heart by ys for an imp niece Isn’t that so pretty!

All siblings are quite crafty, I must say. 

My only brother, a superb writer, is into photography like my Dad used to be. And he puts my photos to shame compared to his.

My oldest sister (OS) has been sewing since she was a teenager. And she’s one of the best. Out of that, my Mom (Lola), would compare the rest of the sisters with the oldest one’s achievements. We did not measure up! No-no! So the younger sisters scrambled to be the best of something else. I tried sewing, but too much work involved; and machine-sewn projects aren’t portable. So Knitting it was. And I never looked back.

My youngest sister (YS) loves sewing, crocheting and lately, knitting. She tries her best to keep up with the older siblings.

My 2nd to youngest sister (2YS) dabbled in macrame when she was younger; not sure what’s she’s up to now. (2YS needs to leave a comment here to defend herself.) She has two kids, one of which is the IMP, the youngest of all the cousins. IMP keeps her mom on her toes, that’s probably why she has no crafty thing to do at the moment.

So, the heart pictured above was made by YS and is going to the IMP. I think same goes with the bunny. IMP has aunts who dote on her too much, rendering her spoiled, giving her mom headaches at times. YS, the youngest sister has affinity for the youngest of the nieces and nephew.

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Yup! Like all knitters, crocheters, even spinners (I think), there’s an endless supply of yarn leftovers after projects are done. What do people do with them? Many possible uses I’m sure.

When I get bored/tired with on-going projects, I discovered I can do………….


Cute Bunny

courtesy of: Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts:AMIGURIMI

Better than knitting socks. Oh, I can just hear sock-loving knitters scowl and scream profanity at me. I just have no interest knitting socks. No idea why!

Becomes Monster Bunny

What do you think? Not quite well I suppose. But it’s an enjoyable instant accomplishment. There’s no problem with the crocheting part. It’s the putting together part that was questionable. Would you believe, it took a good 2 hours to sew the joints, eyes, ears, nose and tail? I thought it would be easy. My sewing prowess is waning!

Monster Bunny Peaking in Linen Closet     Linen Closet is Awful, Lemme Out!     Monster Bunny in Laundry Basket

Well, let’s put it this way. Practice makes perfect. Besides I’ve always been a closet-crocheter (is that a proper word?). Also, as an avid knitter, I feel I’m betraying that craft for crochet, so I get feelings of guilt. Is the Catholic in me showing?

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