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Over the weekend, a lovely postcard from Anya came in the mail. It made my day. The eye candy of a card popped out and made me happy. The little note made an extra skip in my heart. It was a thank-you note for the yarn given away on my First Anniversary Giveaway. It said:

“Thank you so much! I gave it to a friend who said she would knit me a pair of socks. I made her promise to make something for herself, too.
Thanks again!”

Anya does not knit; she quilts awesome, adorable quilts. But she knows a good material when she sees one. That DyeLots yarn was one heck of a lovely fiber to knit.

Here’s what the card looks like. What’s great about it is…it’s actually a piece of quilt with stiffed white backing. (Is that a correct quilt-speak, Anya?) A brilliant idea for a postcard!

Anya's TY Postcard


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1st Blog Anniversary Giveaway Winner!

The winner, and the only one who responded to the First Blog Anniversary giveaway is none other than ANYA.

Anya, send me an email with your address so you can quickly claim your precious prize.

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It’s Sad When….

one finds oneself NOT popular! Actually, that’s not my goal. But still, it stings when the reality is that NOT one response or comment came into my First Blog Anniversary post entry. Could it be that the rules I laid out were too limiting? Most probably.

I did get some response though. I GOT SP*MMED! hahaha! Do I deserve it? Heck, I don’t know! But this is a lesson learned.

So, in the spirit of contriteness or my t*il between my l*gs, I will lift these constrictions on the rules. So, let’s go revisit the rules:

Rules to this giveaway are as follow:

  1. Leave a comment on this blog entry; ONLY ON THIS BLOG ENTRY. Forget the previous one.

  2. You have to have either a crochet or knit blog/website to enter.Alright, you don’t have to have a blog/website. As long as you can crochet or knit a project.

  3. Because I’d like you to make something out of it and post a photo in your blog.Just make sure to send me photos. No pressure on the deadline of FO.

  4. Lastly, the cutoff time for comments is February 12th February 19th, Thursday at midnight, Pacific Standard Time.

I hope this time the rules are fair. You can let me know that. How about it?

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Isn’t this funny……today is my blog’s first anniversary! What timing coincidence with the 150th blog post! I actually did it on purpose.

And here’s one more chance to give something away.

100_22481 You don’t know how much I’d hate to part with this yarn. I tell ya, the colorways to this skein are so vibrant. From the store shelf, I immediately zeroed in on it and cradled it while I looked around for other yarns to buy. I bought it and another yarn from Dye Lots Fiber Art Studio.

I was at my LYS last Saturday, buying a couple more balls of yarn for the Falling Leaves project and I mentioned that I’m looking to give away in my blog for something local. They mentioned DYE LOTS. I went there that same day and met Janis. Was disappointed I didn’t have my camera with me to take a picture or two, of her and Lucy, her Corgy. Such a cute dog. She also has an ETSY store.

Janis Thompson, is one awesome spinner/colorist. She has a lively personality and exudes confidence when talking about her craft. And she’s local. Her shop is so tidy and well-organized. By the way, sorry, but I lost the tag to the skein; it’s 100% wool, 500 yards. Janis mentioned that she never mass-produce the colorways, so they are always unique in color patterns; no two alike.

Rules to this giveaway must be strictly followed:

  1. Leave a comment on this blog entry; ONLY ON THIS BLOG ENTRY.

  2. You have to have either a crochet or knit blog/website to enter.

  3. Because I’d like you to make something out of it and post a photo in your blog. No pressure on the deadline of FO.

  4. Lastly, the cutoff time for comments is February 12th at midnight, Pacific Standard Time.

Good Luck Knitters and Crocheters!

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150th Post: I Made It This Far!

Before I show the winner, let me explain how &*%^$#@ frustrated I was trying to paste or link a Word file (or screen print)  here and I am dumbfounded as to why I couldn’t. Out of desperation, it was easier to link a photo, so (don’t laugh!) I took a picture of  my PC screen. So there! Now check this list to see if you are the ONE!

Giveaway Winner is:

150th Post Giveaway Winner

If Number 11 can email me her address as soon as possible, you can have the package in no time. My email address is yarnhungry (at) gmail (dot) com

Thanks everyone for leaving your comments. This was fun, although I dragged the teaser on and on for quite sometime, it sorta lost its intrigue, don’t you think?

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Check this list so you know which number you are.  If I misspelled your name or something, forgive me. I’m typing too fast.

  1. Ces
  2. Marites
  3. Iska
  4. Dorcas
  5. Super Mom Super Knitting
  6. Giddy
  7. Lily
  8. Sharon
  9. Trek
  10. Jodie
  11. KnittyMommy
  12. Ikkinlala
  13. Michele
  14. Tianna
  15. Mittu
  16. Rhonda Mason
  17. Karen
  18. Auee
  19. Stephanie
  20. Bing
  21. Mindy
  22. Becky
  23. Anya
  24. Carol
  25. Kelly Ann T.
  26. Chris Swan
  27. Shellie Seering
  28. Kim V.
  29. Cathy W.
  30. Gayle J.
  31. LJ
  32. Vivian Deliz

But to get to my 150th blog posting, there’s one more post I need to do after this one to reach that goal. So, bear with me. I’ll announce the winner then. Thank you.

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It’s now February! Gosh, January is over and hadn’t blogged the last half of it. I have three big excuses why:

1. I was doing a couple of 6-night shift work back to back. Very exhausting! And made succeeding work and personal schedules get all whacked-up and topsy-turvy from then on. I’m getting too old for this kind of weird work schedule. My body complains and goes on strike. Then all one can focus on is SLEEP, SLEEP, SLEEP. Which half the time is unattainable. But hey, seriously, I’m very thankful I have a job.  

2. I was given the opportunity to test-knit a wonderful feminine-looking top from a very talented knit designer, Lily Go, from Malaysia. Check out her blog.

Ever since I stumbled upon her blog, I had to visit it on a daily basis. I just love her designs. The Falling Leaves pattern I’m test-knitting is quite simple to follow. I was afraid that I’d disappoint myself by being too ambitious to take on a marvelous project such as this. Surprisingly, I was excited, focused, and inspired; and will finish it within a target completion time. It’s maybe because someone else gave me a due date to finish. Coz’ usually I will procrastinate. I’d hate to disappoint others, but have no qualms in making myself relegated to 2nd place. So then, my other knitting projects, I’m afraid, have been set aside till this is finished.

Here’s the picture of what I’m doing. Almost finished!

Falling Leaves In the Works

Just Short of Lace Pattern Bottom Area

Here’s her version.

3. Walking has been seriously occupying my free time. Yes! The will power is winning for the moment. I have been walking every other day and serious mileage has been accumulating. I’m stoked! Even Mr. Wonderful joins me every other weekend for 2.5 mile walks or more. Hubby sees and feels that I’m serious with this endeavor. Another YES!

This Sunday is the 13th Annual Truffle Shuffle Race, which I have entered to walk.  It’s an easy 2-mile walk rewarded with a shirt and some chocolate truffles. I’m a s*cker for fre*bi*s, especially chocolates.

♥   ♥   ♥   ♥  

Anyway, blogging is addicting, be it writing and/or reading one. And so, henceforth, I’m determined to write as often as I can, at least for this month. All because there’s a giveaway to do based on my 150th blog entry (which is 9 entries after this one). Remember, if you haven’t left a comment, now is the great time to do it. The deadline is February 8th.

Also, my FIRST BLOG ANNIVERSARY is coming up soon. There could be another giveaway there, exclusive only to that date. Hint! Hint!

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