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life has gotten interesting elsewhere;
I’ve been depressed;
it’s tedious to post;
only boring things have been happening.


Really, the reason is simple.

I’ve gotten a full plate of activities and priorities that had blogging taken a back seat. Blog surfing has suffered too.

After October 4th, life will come back to normal. What’s with October 4th? Well, that’s when I would be finished with the Portland Marathon. That is, if I survived my very first (or very last) 26.2 mile marathon. If I survive, all the heavy daily training will diminish somewhat. That is, if my toes and knees would still remain as parts of my body. Wish me luck! ‘Cause I’m having second thoughts.

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Hey folks! I’m still around! Don’t go away!

I apologize for not posting for…..over a month?! Such a shame, huh? My website must have gotten soooooo boring, I can understand if my readers (who were few to begin with) decided to abandon me.

So, what have I done during my blog absence? Nothing really boring, mind you. I have kept up with knitting, dancing, still working nights, still on track with my walking training for the Portland Marathon in October. I’ve incorporated jogging a bit in my walk training, but am trying not to aggravate my knees.

This past Wednesday, I went to a knee/hip specialist to find out what the status is on my knee condition. Had x-rays done. The doctor took one glance at the x-rays and told me I have no ligament nor bone problems. I don’t even have any sign of arthritis. That’s wonderful to hear.

However, because I have Baker’s Cyst on both of them, there’s something that’s generating fluid build-up to the back of knees. I’ve known that I had Baker’s cyst ever since my rowing days. The first specialist I went to told me to stop all physical activities and see if the fluid would go away. I did that, stopped ALL activities for 6 years, until I got sick of the over-25 pound weight I put on. That first specialist also recommended that I had a choice of pain killers (steroid-type) or fluid aspiration or surgery to overcome the Baker’s cyst. I didn’t like the choices so I just laid off physical activities.

The fluid never went away on both knees. I dabbled with safe workout, but reality check was I’ve put on extra weight that I hate. I wanted to be fit again. Six years of exercise hiatus will not make one fit in a matter of months though. It finally hit me that walking IS a form of exercise. So, here I am today, excited and stoked about getting back to fitness.

This knee surgeon I went to this time around suspects that I have a tear in the meniscus and recommended an outpatient procedure called arthroscopy. Although it’s an outpatient procedure, the recovery may take a bit longer. I cannot afford that, as at this time when such a procedure would take me out of the marathon. I will have to postpone the procedure till after the marathon, if ever I decide to go forward with it.

This walking business seemed to have taken over my life. I even joined a fitness school, right after the Eugene Marathon, for my cross-training. The fitness program is SUCH a killer. It involves a combination of weights, aerobics, gymnastics at high intensity with emphasis on safety for 45 minutes. But it can be scaled to your ability and any physical, or health issues. I love, love working out on weights. I’m really enjoying this fitness school. I have a long ways to go though, as I get winded just 10 minutes into the workout.

So, there you have it. This is my excuse for being away from writing my blog. I can’t wait to resume it though. I’ve missed mentioning alot of stuffs happening around me, my life, my family and friends.

I hope you all come back, all 5 of you, to my blog. hahahaha!

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No Motivation

Been sick lately and the lingering blase feeling just got me in the dumps. No motivation to blog, even when I got lots of materials to write about. I mean LOTS!

Sorry folks. This a what a bi-polar person is like. One moment, sooo lively and the next, just not the person you’d like to be around with. Am I a poster-child of depression? Yup, you’re looking at one.

Really cannot wait for Daylight Saving Time to well…..save me from this disgusting S.A.D. feeling.

Meantime, I will be away for oh, about a week and a half. A much-needed R&R  is coming up. That should perk me up, don’t you think?

Ta-tat for now! Be good while I’m gone! And keep knitting!

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President’s Day May Be Over

I know, I know. But….

Just an interesting take on President’s Day celebration. Check this out.

This is the person behind it.

♣   ♣   ♣

On a different note:

The person who recently left me a comment, please try again. WordPress is good at remembering each comment that comes in a blog. If it’s someone new, it will place it in the SPAM section until it gets approved. Somehow, I inadvertently deleted it before being reviewed. Sorry, please try again.

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My blog name still remains YARN HUNGRY.

But my signoff name is now YARN HUNGRY PIGGETT, instead of Yarn Hungry Hog. This is so I won’t be confused with another blogger whose blog is called Yarnhog. From what I have read and the knitting pictures she had shown in her blog, she must be one superb knitter in her own right.

Let me repeat here the explanation I added to my blog’s ABOUT page sometime ago.

January 23, 2009 Friday
I’ve been mulling this issue in my head for a while upon learning that someone already owns a knitting blog called Yarnhog. I’ve decided that, although my blog name is Yarn Hungry, I sign off my name as Yarn Hungry Hog. Then, a couple of people I left comments on in their blogs had called me in their replies, by mistake, as Yarn Hungry Dog. I chuckled at the mistake. But I know I had to do something about all these mistakes about my ID.
As much as I don’t have any discrimination against dogs, I just don’t want to be called a DOG. And the fact that the owner of Yarnhog is a lawyer, we do NOT want to mess with lawyers. Another fact is that Yarnhog has been in existence way before I started blogging.
So, a thorn has been jabbing on my brain to do something about changing my signoff name to something else. Not a drastic change. Just a slight change to this: YARN HUNGRY PIGGETT.
Piggett is a make-believe surname for a family of stuffed pigs I own. I googled it to see if someone else owns it. No one! And that’s just splendid! So from now on, I am Yarn Hungry Piggett.

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My 100th Posting!


No contest though. Not yet!



Yes, that’s the person behind this blog.

Finally feeling comfortable enough to reveal myself. Were you surprised? Were you disappointed? Do I look my age? And finally, I’ll reveal my age as well. It’s 52 and aging still!

One thing I’m not quite comfortable revealing is my real name. So, I’m simply Yarn Hungry Hog at this time.

I think I’ll do a meme on myself. It’s my blog anyway. Actually, I have no set questions, so this is mostly about revealing FACTS about moowah. The list is not in any particular order.

1. My personality does not match my look.

2. I’m not meek.

3. I may be shy at first meeting with strangers or acquaintances.

4. I’m nice until you unfairly cross me, physically or verbally.

5. I’m fiercely loyal.

6. I’m also territorial.

7. I always root for the underdog.

8. If someone (animal or man) is being mistreated verbally or physically, I don’t hesitate or even blink to intervene.

9. I’m an Aries through and through; hence, unafraid to head-butt, literally and figuratively.

10. However, I have conscience; morally and ethically committed. Socially conscious, yes.

11. Born Catholic, but non-practicing. You will not hear me utter religious sayings, etc, here in this blog. (At least, to try to refrain from discussing religion.) There may be a leaning towards agnosticism than atheism.

12. Just because one is not of any or a specific religion, cannot be said to be void of spirituality.

13. I respect other people’s religions unless they start shoving it down my throat.

14. I can be lazy, I will admit here.

15. Procrastinator extraordinaire.

16. Knitter wannabe!

17. Medical laboratory technology graduate but computer technology trained.

18. ‘Short but charming’ ~ the very description I told my boyfriend (now husband) when we first met. He said that is so NOT TRUE! after a few dates. Heck, we are still married after 24 years!

19. ‘PATOOT and CAUSTIC-TONGUE’ ~ the replacement description of me by my husband. Patoot is sort of a distorted version of petite.

20. I love kayaking and rowing, but is afraid of water. Will only swim if there’s no other recourse.

21. Extremely myopic ~ you have to guess this one, as there are several different uses of myopic.

22. Loves to eat, but hates to cook. That goes back to item # 14.

23. Crazy about dancing.

24. Cannot carry a tune. Ever!

25. Perpetual kung-fu martial arts student.

26. Too fat at the moment (20 pounds overweight). Sad!

27. I have IOL. It’s not a sickness. hahahaha!

28. I has born with congenital cataracts. I lost the true lenses of both eyes by cataract surgery in my early 30’s. Very young to be involved in cataract surgery. Hence, #27 to replace those lenses.

29. Because of #21, I have to watch out for macular degeneration. In fact, it has already started. A definite sign of old age. How sad indeed!

30. I have poor memory. Must be something to do with working nights. I don’t think there’s Alzheimer’s disease history in either my maternal or paternal side of the family.

31. One of my childhood dreams is to open a store. It’s a combination yarn/knitting shop, restaurant, library and music/dance club. I don’t think there’s a city permit to allow such a venue. haha!

 32. If I was given another chance to redo my work career, it would either be as a firefighter, EMT, forensic investigator, detective or a physicist.

 33. I’m 3rd of 5 children. I have 3 sisters and a brother.

34. I had been considered a black sheep in my family. As the middle child, that’s the only way to get noticed.

35. I have one child, a son, who’s turning 21 sooo soon. He’s My Absolute Precious! I can’t help it.

36. Growing up, I’d wish for a big family, like 10 children. Now, one is more than enough.

37. I don’t drink. The funny thing is, I met my husband at a club/bar.

38. I don’t smoke either.

39. I admit to be bi-polar, but never been diagnosed for it. Proof: I can be high-strung and full of energy. I can go with four hours sleep on average. During those high times, I can push myself to do projects (at home, at work, at play) all at once or simultaneously. During low times, I can be very quiet, and would do absolutely little or next to nothing. But I don’t abandon family or work duties. Or personal hygiene (hahaha).

40. I love stuffed animals.

Well folks, I think I will stop at 40 items for now. I have ran out of things to say about myself. I usually prefer to ask people about themselves and refrain from talking about myself.

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Farewell to Summer

It actually rained this morning! Fall is definitely in the neighborhood.

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Say it! Go ahead, say it! Yes, it is a word. Look it up.


The other night at work, I came across a lab order that had an error. Medical terms are convoluted sounding, scientific names that sometimes come out funny-sounding. Anyway, coxsackie virus came up as an error. I had to call the department to have them fix the order. A lab tech, a man, answered the phone. In my effort to sound official and all-learned, I started to say the word to the man. Except, I hesitated once I said COX. He howled with laughter before I could continue with the rest of the word.

Talk about uncomfortable. So I asked him how the word should sound. He started with COX; we both ended up laughing even more. COXSACKIE, pronounced COCK/SOCK/EYE, according to him. I pronounced it COCKS/(pause)/SOCK/EE. I liked the way I said it. It sounded like a dirty S*X**L term.

COXSACKIE made my day (er, night). The lab tech, I’m sure, will never forget me.

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I’m Back!

Not that I went anywhere. Darn! I wish I went somewhere relaxing last week!

Gosh! First time I skipped blog posting for more than a week!


Been quite busy! All this huff and puff preparing for the opening of the 1.5 million square foot regional hospital belonging to a non-profit organization that my company also belongs to. Sunday, August 10th was the big opening day! About 122 patients from the old hospital were transferred to the new one. All hands were on deck. The whole operation was surprisingly so organized, with the first transferred patient coming in at 0700. The last patient transferred was around 1500.

I got to the hospital early Sunday at 0630 and put in 4.5 hours of volunteer time on top of my regular work hours Sunday night. I was assigned to the ER post, directing ambulances to the drop dock and escorting walk-in visitors and patients. I had a fun job! But hectic for everyone else.

Then there’s that all function-support for all hospital campuses for 3 days that will end tonight. Very tiring for most people. The compensation to all these activities was the 3-day FREE FOOD!

Now that’s winding down, I can breathe a sigh of relief. And although I have been absent from the blogsphere for over a week, I have been busy trying to finish up the CAP SHAWL. The target finish time is never happening, I’m afraid. I’d say it’s probably another week or so before it’s done, minus blocking time.

At least, the border is coming into shape as seen on photo below.

The 2nd photo shows one panel of the 9-panel circular shawl.

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Boo Is Staying Put

Wonderful News All!

On July 3rd blog, I mentioned about the plight of the Bijou Art Cinema’s resident cat, Boo (or 22×22 as I call her; well, because she is 22 years old and 22 pounds). She was on the verge of being evicted (my own rather strong description) from her home.

But now, because of her predicament, everyone including myself rushed to check on Boo. Lots of suggestions and opinions later, the theatre management decided to keep her. Check out the good news article from The Register-Guard.

When I visited Boo, I was able to talk to Joe Lewis and mentioned that cats prefer to attach to their location/home than say, dogs’ preference to attach more to their owners. Here are some photos of Boo, with her favorite theatre chair, below the shrine they erected for her.

It was wise of management to take her to the vet; which incidentally, I found out today when I took my 2 cats for their annual exam, was the same vet Bijou took Boo to. And based on that visit, it was even better that management had a change of heart.

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