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Anniversary of Shrub Accident

I almost forgot to mention about the last of the 3 semi-major accidents I had last year.

  • The 1st one ~ when my vehicle danced into guardrail.
  • The 2nd one ~ when my right eardrum met a knitting needle.

The 3rd one: Encounter with a rhodie branch

Back In 2006, the rhododendron shrubs that grew on the side of my house were too dense. You couldn’t reach down to access underneath the front deck. The shrubs were over 6 feet tall and covering one side of the front deck. Armed with ambition and pruners, Mr. Wonderful and I cleared branches upon branches, thus thinning out the shrubs to a manageable lot. This way, a person can go under and be able to clean the area. In addition, it was for security reasons; so no one can hide down there without being noticed.

Fast forward summer of 2007. Yard work season. So focused I was to reach further into the rhodies to get the rake under the deck, I failed to notice a low, protruding branch. Next thing I knew my forehead hit that branch. The impact was hard enough, I actually some stars. Cursing myself for such a careless act, with my forehead starting to throb I touched the area and felt something wet and thick. As suspected, it was blood. BLOOD BIG TIME!

Crawling out of the shrubs, I made sure no one had seen me. Beelining into the house as fast as I could, surveying the damage. Curses upon curses I heaved upon myself. All I could think of then was I’d have this stupid scar on my forehead, right where everyone will notice, for the rest of my life.

Want more details of the wound? If not, skip this paragraph. As superficial as the wound was, the skin where the branch met forehead bone…….well……..I skinned it alright. With patience, I carefully spread skin back, cleaned, disinfected, medicated and placed a bandage on it. Figured the wound wasn’t deep enough to go to Urgent Care. Besides, I was embarrassed to go there as they’d probably remember me from my last accident with the eardrum.

 Inverted Y-shaped scar

Joking about the accident happened the following day when hubby and I went for breakfast at his favorite restaurant. He was more known by the restaurant owner for the many times he frequent the establishment. And here I was with un-bandaged* forehead trying to lower my head so swollen, screaming-red wound won’t be seen too prominently. (*Unbandaged so wound will heal faster.)

Everything was fine, until the owner (who happens to speak with a booming voice), saw me and asked loudly what happened to me. Of course, eyes were all upon me. Casually, Mr. Wonderful stated we had a huge fight and he hit me. You should see the look of disgust the owner gave my husband. It read: ‘Why, you are such a despicable man! I can’t believe I even know you.’ I was afraid she might call the cops on him. Quickly, I told her about the encounter with a rhodie branch.


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This is Mine!


Please don’t take my leaf away!

What a fine specimen!

I discovered this while raking leaves the other day. 

It never moved, but it looks like it’s alive.

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Heat Wave!

RECORD-BREAKING 95° today. On a spring day?!

Today would NOT have been a good day to do the following:

1) Blood labworks; 12-hour fasting: how do I know to schedule this on a very hot day. The outcome is this:

hives on the right arm

That’s because I did not take any medication prior to the blood test. That meant NO HIVES MEDICATION till after the test. Boy, was I itching all over! My idiopathic hives attack anything….be it a scratch, or anything like change in body temperature, climate change, etc… So, it attacked the site where the needle went in to get the blood. The heat did not help either and exacerbated everything.

hives on the left arm 
see that red spot in the middle of the elbow crease

It’s a cruel, cruel day to break out into HIVES.

2) Ironing Day: after so many days of procrastination, I chose today to do it! Darn!

3) Yardwork: I was going to move some pavers and build a little area to plant a miniature tree in the back garden. Still need to buy the tree though; maybe tomorrow.

4) Knitting Heavy Wool/Merino Projects: stick with cotton yarn projects. KNITTING MUST GO ON!


There’s good news, though! The good husband called and suggested after he comes home from work today, to drive to the coast and spend the night there and come home late tomorrow, way past the heat of the day. Yippeeeeee!!

Unfortunately, My Precious will not be coming with us. He prefers it that way, to get us parents out of his hair! Not sure how he’ll spend the rest of today and tomorrow cooling off. He will play guardian to the 2 little residents of the house, to make sure they are hydrated and cooled off.

Although I may have to postpone yardwork and tree-buying probably on Sunday, I can’t do the same with ironing. I’ll just have to drink lots of fluids and dive into the chore. And as far as knitting is concerned, I’ll bring my projects to the overnight coast trip.


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Look Lola, You’re Missing My Garden!

A teaser for my mom, who has not seen my home since I moved in it close to five years ago. Lola loves flowers, trees and fruits. So, she’s missing alot from seeing these plantings. The plantings on the property are as follows:


Left photo:                                       Right photo:
Magnolia (left of foto)                 Cherry tree (same one on left foto); rhodie shrub by deck
Overlooking Left Half of Front Yard                 Overlooking the Right Half of Front Yard

Magnolia tree: this was one of deciding factors for why we chose to move to this property. It’s an evergreen type of Magnolia, which means it does not shed leaves. The scent of the flowers in the summer is SO heavenly. The first winter we were here, a mean icy storm swooped down on the area and this tree got topped off. I was sad that it might not grow back but look at it now.

Pink-flowering Cherry tree: is an ornamental (not a fruit-bearing) tree. It also blooms later than other cherry trees in the surrounding areas.

Rhododendron shrubs: different colored-flowering shrubs scattered everywhere. I had an incident with it last year (will tell you later).


Cherry Tree Blooms Late April     White-flowering Cherry tree: this one was moved from my previous residence to the new one. This tree is quite precious to me since it had produced cherries that I had turned into great and wonderful cherry pies.

2 Apple trees in back yard     Two Apple trees:  the one on the left is awful, although the flowers are great looking. Its fruits come out distorted and bug-filled yuck! I don’t treat my plants with chemicals. The other apple tree produces abundant medium-sized edible apples. Even the crows feast on the fruits, unless the cats are around.

BLUEBERRIES in back yard     BLUEBERRIES! Oh, wonderful blueberries. I have four shrubs. Enough to make blueberry pies out of. Yummy! Healthy too! The shrubs are low enough that birds don’t bother them; and yes, that’s because the cats are around to protect them.

Lavender shrub (no photo): the shrub was also moved from the previous residence. It had turned unruly and spread out so I had it chopped off almost to the ground; now am not sure if it would grow back. Lola remembers this one as she had been given wonderful scented potpourri from the dried lavender flowers.

My regret, when I moved from my old home, was not uprooting the pear tree and the raspberry bushes and transferring them over to the new location. I pass by my previous residence once in awhile and I’m happy that at least whoever lives there now takes care of the pear tree. But the raspberries are in the backyard so I don’t know if they still exist or had been taken down. Lola may remember the raspberries as well.

Proof Deer Visit Area     Another regret is finding out I cannot plant much on my front yard because of THOSE NASTY VORACIOUS ^%&*+#$ DEER. It’s taking me almost five Fing years to try to figure out what to do with the front yard other than spending enormous amount of money fencing it. Also a great excuse for not gardening at all, all those years. hee! hee!

Anyhoot, I hope my mom sees this blog and decide to come visit me and my family after all. She just needs to work out her leg joints since the house has LOTS OF STAIRS. You hear me, Lola ~~ LOTS OF STAIRS!


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