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Could have been…

Should have been…

Sweet Sixteen! Today!

Alas, all we have are memories. Great memories!

Jake misses you ~ because Jake misses the time he steals your share of the food bowl. haha!

I miss you because you were such a part of our family. Adaptable, malleable, and just one awesome ‘people’ cat. Everyone who knew you, loved you. Except maybe the one that made you go away. I still think I know who made you go away. I have suspicion but not proof.

Oh Tom, you are totally missed!

Our Hearts Ache for You, Tom!

And there is yet to be a blog page to honor you, oh sweet ol’ Tom!

In any case, Happy Birthday!

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I’m Still Sad!

Hello! My name is Jake!

Jake here: Where are you Tom?
I’m the only cat around now. I miss my cat friend, Tom. I’m having difficulty adjusting to this loneliness. To divert attention, I lick myself to oblivion. If not for the loving care of my human caregivers, I would be hairless by now.
Where is he? Where did he go?
His birthday is coming up, and usually there’s lots of food to go around. I miss food.
Where is he? huh?

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Blueberry Cake from Market of Choice

My Precious had just had a birthday Monday. As always, he wanted a quiet celebration. So unlike his younger days,  when 10 or more little terror guests, mostly boys, were invited. Now, it’s only a family affair.

Last Saturday, part of his gifts was to drive him anywhere he wanted. There was a limit to distance, of course. He wanted to hike Mt. Hood hiking trails. But that’s out of the choices. Explained to him that if it’s raining locally, it would be snowing up Mt. Hood. He opted to go to this place:

Uwajimaya Beaverton

Uwajimaya: only 3 stores, 1 in Oregon and 2 in Washington. Visited all the store aisles; bought dessert goodies. We had a very Japanese lunch. The restaurant within the store looked all Japanese except for the background music. It was playing Hawaiian songs. Sushi is always part of the dishes that we order when we go Japanese.

Then off to downtown Portland, about 20 minutes west of Uwajimaya. Walked around and window-shopped. All in 1 hour of getting there. Then, the birthday boy got bored. So we went home. I couldn’t complain. It was his birthday after all.

What he got for his birthday:

  • The much-anticipated Lizard Ridge Afghan:  He was quite surprise with this unusual present. And he loved it. My Precious is a blanket person. Never a sweater person, so I cannot make him sweaters. He stopped wearing sweaters once he reached grade school. ‘Tis sad!

Folded Lizard Ridge

  • A tire gauge: very practical. Dad only gives him practical gifts.
  • A Border’s gift card: bookstore gifts are always handy. There’s always a bookstore gift card in any present we get/give.
  • A clock sticker: his car’s clock somehow breaks every now & then. Must be a loose wiring somewhere. Everyone is lazy to have it fixed. So Dad just got him this.
  • Lots of chocolate: Euphoria chocolate, a local chocolate maker.
  • And lastly, he got 2 days off from work. This child who’s never taken days off just because. He’s learning. haha!

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Hey folks! I’m still around! Don’t go away!

I apologize for not posting for…..over a month?! Such a shame, huh? My website must have gotten soooooo boring, I can understand if my readers (who were few to begin with) decided to abandon me.

So, what have I done during my blog absence? Nothing really boring, mind you. I have kept up with knitting, dancing, still working nights, still on track with my walking training for the Portland Marathon in October. I’ve incorporated jogging a bit in my walk training, but am trying not to aggravate my knees.

This past Wednesday, I went to a knee/hip specialist to find out what the status is on my knee condition. Had x-rays done. The doctor took one glance at the x-rays and told me I have no ligament nor bone problems. I don’t even have any sign of arthritis. That’s wonderful to hear.

However, because I have Baker’s Cyst on both of them, there’s something that’s generating fluid build-up to the back of knees. I’ve known that I had Baker’s cyst ever since my rowing days. The first specialist I went to told me to stop all physical activities and see if the fluid would go away. I did that, stopped ALL activities for 6 years, until I got sick of the over-25 pound weight I put on. That first specialist also recommended that I had a choice of pain killers (steroid-type) or fluid aspiration or surgery to overcome the Baker’s cyst. I didn’t like the choices so I just laid off physical activities.

The fluid never went away on both knees. I dabbled with safe workout, but reality check was I’ve put on extra weight that I hate. I wanted to be fit again. Six years of exercise hiatus will not make one fit in a matter of months though. It finally hit me that walking IS a form of exercise. So, here I am today, excited and stoked about getting back to fitness.

This knee surgeon I went to this time around suspects that I have a tear in the meniscus and recommended an outpatient procedure called arthroscopy. Although it’s an outpatient procedure, the recovery may take a bit longer. I cannot afford that, as at this time when such a procedure would take me out of the marathon. I will have to postpone the procedure till after the marathon, if ever I decide to go forward with it.

This walking business seemed to have taken over my life. I even joined a fitness school, right after the Eugene Marathon, for my cross-training. The fitness program is SUCH a killer. It involves a combination of weights, aerobics, gymnastics at high intensity with emphasis on safety for 45 minutes. But it can be scaled to your ability and any physical, or health issues. I love, love working out on weights. I’m really enjoying this fitness school. I have a long ways to go though, as I get winded just 10 minutes into the workout.

So, there you have it. This is my excuse for being away from writing my blog. I can’t wait to resume it though. I’ve missed mentioning alot of stuffs happening around me, my life, my family and friends.

I hope you all come back, all 5 of you, to my blog. hahahaha!

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By now, everyone had either liked their holiday presents and are very happy with them; while others had to return or exchanged them. This year, gift cards were the big winners when it came to gift-giving. Gift card was the non-thought searching, easiest way to give someone who were either hard to give to, or didn’t know what they really wanted.

Has everyone gotten their holiday presents that they wished for?  Let’s surely hope so. This year, my request was for a simple present from the hubby but, none from the working, self-supporting child.

Well, I got what I wanted and then some. My Precious got me a gift card from my favorite coffee shop called Barry’s Espresso & Bakery. See this blog that describes Barry’s. I love Barry’s for its unpretentiousness. When I have cravings for Jewish food, I go to Barry’s. Challah bread is a must-have, so is the potato knish. And his pastries are super-delicious but not too expensive. And the soups are so original; one of which the Senegalese Peanut Soup, is my bestest favorite. I was really surprised that My Precious even knows what his mom likes. He always seem not to care about what mom does. But I think that’s where he’s at full attention, when you are off your guard. Or pretends that he’s the least bit interested in you and what you do.

Then Mr. Wonderful gave me these:


The Spirited Walker by  Carolyn Scott Kortge,  the book I requested. I wanted to read this to get me psyched up for my anticipated New Year’s resolution to walk seriously since I cannot go rowing anymore.

The other book, Dewey by Vicki Myron with Bret Witter, was a surprise addition to my Xmas presents.

I’ve already started reading the Kortge book. Dewey will have to wait a little bit, like the rest of the books on my long list of reading.

Then, both boys presented me with a whopping gift card from my LYS. The hubby said that the $ should be enough to stop me from further bleeding the bank account. Right………for the time being. hahahahaha!

As for Mr. Wonderful, he has his birthday presents, remember? And more Xmas gifts in the form of…..you guess it, bookstore gift cards. He already used one of them last night when he had to drag me to Borders. This guy lives on books as some men live ‘watching sports’ on TV. This is one thing that I really, truly like about my hubby. He’s not into sports, glued to the TV.

Oh, he has gotten a sweater that we have named FUD, short for fuddy-duddy. It’s an old fashioned front-zippered sweater that would look good on Mr. Rogers of the famed Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood TV show. The hubby loves FUD.

Now for My Precious. As all parents know, children are to be lavished with gifts that are on the verge of getting them spoiled-rotten. This year, we had to tone it down. But My Precious still got what he didn’t expect we would give. Gifts of Necessity. He, who is now self-supporting in every way, got the following gift cards from:

  • Market of Choice, his favorite grocery store
  • Fina Taqueria, a favorite local Mexican fast-food joint
  • Barnes & Noble, his favorite hangout (he’s a bookworm too!)
  • Local Movie House

My son has turned into his dad. Dad’s famous: ‘oh, don’t give me anything’ has been handed down to his son. His request to NOT give him anything this year fell on deaf ears. And I’ll tell you why My Precious does not need anything (he thinks). He only wants knives, custom knives to be exact. He knows there’s no way we’re going to spend money on such things. If he wants them, he has to earn his own money. So far, he didn’t get himself one, not that I’m aware of. Ever since he has lived away from home, he has been so budget-conscious.

He was pleasantly surprised with his gifts and was truly happy. I can tell, because he actually SMILED.

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Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Bagong Taon!

That’s the Pinoy version of Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Happy Holidays To All! Hoping that everyone is safe at home having a most wonderful time together with the family and friends.

What better way to hear Christmas music and a favorite dance to go with it.

click here if Youtube vid does not open automatically.

And how about the lively tune, Wonderland, sung by (surprisingly) Heidi Klum.

I’m still awake at 1 a.m. And no, I’m actually off from work.

Just came back from Simbang Gabi (that’s Midnight Mass for those who aren’t familiar with the traditional Pinoy’s/Catholic’s special Christmas mass). Unfortunately, there’s nothing to pig out on, another Pinoy tradition of eating to your heart’s content after a midnight mass. I miss Puto Bong-bong, a sticky rice dessert that is one of my favorites.

¡Disfrute de su Navidad con sus seres queridos! Enjoy your Christmas with your loved ones!

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Xmas Package to the Sibs

A box has been sitting around since mid-November waiting to be filled. I thought I’d fill it up with Christmas goodies for my siblings, Lola and ‘mga pamangkin’ (the nieces).

The box is quite ready to be mailed out when the snow and chilly weather struck. Sorry sibs and Lola! This package may be delayed getting to you since the onset of snow just backlogged all my plans and schedule.

Here’s to tease you with what goodies are being sent to you, which I’m afraid will get to you after Christmas.


This is Lola’s Pig.

Remember these, YS?

Pixie's Biscottis

And since I’m such a slowpoke when it comes to handmade craft crunching, my presents to the ON (oldest niece) and 2YS (2ND Younger Sis) will have to wait till January.  The truth is, I had a setback with the knitting items for these two relatives. Guess it’s better to let them know the truth. My apologies.

Note to YS: the rest of the photos are in my FLIKR account. Check it out.

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