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My 91st Posting! Contest Idea!

My goodness!

I didn’t think I’d reach this point on my blog to have anything interesting to say on any given day’s topic. I would have wanted more knitting entries than what I have posted so far. But heck, such is life!

This is my 91st posting! I had thought of doing a contest or something on my 100th posting. I wasn’t expecting it to be sooooo soon. So, I come unprepared. Sorta!

This said, I am now moving any contest or giveaway idea on my 150th posting. That way, it would have more fun stuffs in it.

On second thought, I already have the idea. It’s a giveaway of yarns, or something or another. I’ll make it a little harder to enter, just so it would be fair to everyone.

The first rule would be: only people who leave comments can enter. And spammers need not apply! Also, family members cannot be included. (Sorry, Lampaii!) Wait, Lampaii is the ONLY ONE to leave comments consistently. Lampaii may get some consolation prize or something.

So for all those of you blog lurkers, it’s time to leave them comments! I won’t hint here to leave nice comments. Oh wait, I just did.

There will be other rules, I think. But by my 100th post, there will be a tangible rule or two added.



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