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Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival was 2 weeks ago. Saturday, September 27th was the day I chose to go. Last year, there was a last minute decision to go and wound up going on a Sunday. So, it was a rush-rush trip culminating to excitement since it was the first time I went. Excitement meant buying.

This year, self-restraint was the goal. I didn’t want to be excited. Why? I wanted to exercise a little self-control. Just a little. The plan was not to buy, Buy, BUY those soft, luscious yarns, knitting tools and books, rovings, etc.

With that in mind, I went to OFFF with the goal of:

1. Checking out the animals. Spent a long time at the livestock corrals in the hopes of not getting tempted to a buying frenzy.



2. If I was to buy anything, it would be no yarn, no yarn, no yarn. I have a tendency to get excited upon seeing new yarn and buying them on the spot. Then come home and realize I have to knit a project out of them. I collect yarn like I collect stuffed animals. So, I bought these instead.


3. Certain things have been bought outside of the main building of the fairgrounds. I cannot show you what they are. They are meant for the 150th posting contest. Actually, I decided that it’s not going to be a contest, but a GIVEAWAY. I realize I’m not good at contests, much less create/organize one. TOO MUCH WORK! Remember, I’m lazy, lazy, lazy.

4. When I went into the main building, there were tons of temptation. I had my son follow me around to stop me from buying. Also, he kept asking, ‘how long did you say you were ONLY going to stay?’. That made me feel guilty. (Being raised a Catholic, GUILT TRIP is part of growing up. It never left me.) But in the end, I had to buy these.


So, my son and I stayed for close to 4 hours. I wanted to stay longer ’cause I promised another blogger I would meet with her and her friend. After some miscommunication with previous email exchanges, we finally met. Only it was so brief. I wish it had been longer. They’re one of the nicest and very friendly knit bloggers I’ve ever met. One is Naomi; the other Ellen. They’re from Seattle. I also wished I had taken their photos (or maybe they didn’t want that) since I had my camera with me.

Northwest Blade Show 2008

The reason why my son was with me when I promised not to drag non-knitters with me to trips like this, is due to the fact the day before, we both went to the blade show up in Clackamas. Here’s proof of what I bought.


Both of us refrained from buying unnecessary stuffs. My Precious only bought one knife. He was sad that balisongs were no-show at this show. That was even the case at the April 2008 Eugene show. Organizers for both shows decided to showcase and push the custom knives more. Very expensive but such exquisite craftmanship! Balisongs were not money-generators; although, they can be expensive at best (over $200 to $1000).

Anyway, we stayed overnight in Milwaukee. Wanted to stay away from Clackamas thinking all the blade enthusiasts were booked at hotels nearby. Milwaukee is about 15 minutes drive to Clackamas. The show was really smaller in size than last year’s. We didn’t stay too long to our dismay.

The following day, being Saturday, we only had to drive about 25 minutes south to Canby where OFFF was. But we took our time and had a wonderful breakfast. Highway 99E was scenic, with the road hugging Mollola River. That was a pleasant surprise.

Thus, September trips had been successfully planned and executed. Now, what does October holds?

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