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A Fall Drive Through the McKenzie

The Northwest does not follow distinct four seasonal changes. Well, it does and it doesn’t. Let me explain. As much as temperatures change, typically from 80-90 degrees in summer and 30-45 in fall/winter, the dry and wet seasons are far more distinct. Dry Summer is very short, from July through the end of September. Rain, fog, freezing rain, and […]

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This was taken during a trip to Sahalie Falls area last year. From  Sahalie Falls, hiking down to Koosah and Tomalitch Falls, one would not notice this freak of nature. Coming back to Sahalie, though, the discovery is quite exciting, stunning and scary at the same time. So, is this a freak of nature? Or, petrified naturally? Or, […]

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Sahalie Falls…

…is Seraphim Falls, the movie. See Register-Guard article about it. I saw the movie, but it was quite violent. Gorgeous, gorgeous scenery though. Let’s continue on with the Fall Drive Through the McKenzie, shall we? The Sahalie, Koosah and Tamolitch Falls were to be our end point of the trip. One can hike all three falls through a […]

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