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2010 Knit In Progress #2
 Brown Sheep Lanaloft, Colors Celery & Purple Iris, 100% Mothproofed Wool, Worsted
Laura Aylor‘s ever-so popular Lizard Ridge Afghan
Needle Size: Size 9
Start Date: Mid-February 2010
Target Finish Date: November 2010
Special Note:

  • This is the 2nd Lizard Ridge afghan I’m doing. The first one was such joy to make, albeit a long time in the making. For this 2nd one, instead of knitting 30 blocks of Noro, I’m opting for Lanaloft Wool and just one continuous row after the other, interchanging solid color with a variegated one.
  • Lanaloft is slightly thicker than Noro. A size 9 needle will make the afghan wider and longer, which is what I wanted. This way, it will totally cover the queen-sized bed.
  • Having to start in February will give me ample time to finish up before the intended recipient’s birthday (my husband’s) in December.

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