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Scary Monster?

This was taken during a trip to Sahalie Falls area last year.

From  Sahalie Falls, hiking down to Koosah and Tomalitch Falls, one would not notice this freak of nature.

Notice That Cut Log on the Left?
Coming back to Sahalie, though, the discovery is quite exciting, stunning and scary at the same time. So, is this a freak of nature? Or, petrified naturally? Or, is this a warning of the presence of woods monsters?

Creature Stamped in Wood


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Could have been…

Should have been…

Sweet Sixteen! Today!

Alas, all we have are memories. Great memories!

Jake misses you ~ because Jake misses the time he steals your share of the food bowl. haha!

I miss you because you were such a part of our family. Adaptable, malleable, and just one awesome ‘people’ cat. Everyone who knew you, loved you. Except maybe the one that made you go away. I still think I know who made you go away. I have suspicion but not proof.

Oh Tom, you are totally missed!

Our Hearts Ache for You, Tom!

And there is yet to be a blog page to honor you, oh sweet ol’ Tom!

In any case, Happy Birthday!

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