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Remember this?

I must not be a good mom. Because those little lemons never grew up. Instead, they all dropped off. Or, the birds got them. I bought this plant from a holiday bazaar last fall. I can’t wait to go back and try to find out from the grower why fruits dropped like they did. Anyone know anything about lemon trees?

I feel totally inept with house plants. They die on me left and right. A birch tree I planted 2 years ago suddenly died this summer. For awhile it looked like it was thriving.

The only thing that I can nurture seem to be the wrong kind of plant. The weed kind and those darn blackberry brambles.


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2-tone Pink Shrug 

Knit In Progress #6
Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece
Marianne Garrison Design (LYS)
Needle Size 5 to gauge
Gauge 5 sts +1″ stockinette stitch 
Start Date: Early August
Target Finish Date: Ongoing

Special Note: Knitting this little shrug is so much fun and a cinch to make. I’ve already finished a small-sized two-tone pink one and a medium-sized blue one. I love this shade of blue ~ Blue Paradise. The pink one is Blush; the darker pink: A Mistake!  Both shrugs are just waiting to have a button sewn up on each of them. Actually, I haven’t bought the buttons. I’ll have to wait till I come back from the marathon.

Then, I’m in the middle of knitting a red tweed-looking piece called Rosy Paintbrush ~ very pleasing color piece. The pink one goes to my mom; the blue one (a bit late birthday present) to my oldest sis (OS); the red tweedy one goes to youngest sis (YS). I’ll send my mom’s and (OS) the week after the marathon. YS will get hers a week or so after that.

About the 2-tone pink shrug, the yarn was on sale and I grab two of them not even looking at the dye lot. I’m such a blind bat! After I’ve finished knitting the piece did I only discover the different shade. My mom is more blind than I am and so will not mind at all. hahahahahaha!

Eyelet Edge Detail Edges look more like cables

Unfinished Blue Shrug Sleeves I made this longer

Red Shrug Still On The Needle YS will love this

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