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Phew! The blocks are done. All 28 of them! See KIP #3.


It’s now time to get the ends tucked in; blocks stitched together. There should be 4 blocks across and 7 rows of panels down. The original pattern called for 24 blocks to which I added 4 more blocks. My son would benefit from the extra length.

I had no color scheme for this afghan. At first I thought I’d use all the male-oriented colors of blues, blacks, grays and greens. But then, I don’t think my son could care less as long as predominant colors are not PINK! So I just went ahead and grabbed as many different colorways available.

Aren't they Lively Colors!
And there would be NO BLOCKING these squares. I went to Ravelry to see what knitters have done to their Lizard Ridge afghans. Of all the ones that published their gorgeous afghans, there was only one (sorry, can’t remember her name), as far as I know, that didn’t block hers and it looked fine. So, since I hate blocking, I’ll follow her route. Besides, my son wouldn’t mind, as whatever mom gives him, he would accept.

Sample Blocks For Lizard Ridge Afghan

The time management I’ve put in and stuck to for this project is on track. And I’m really happy about this. There’s still enough time to put it together in time for my son’s birthday in late October. And that’s the main goal.


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life has gotten interesting elsewhere;
I’ve been depressed;
it’s tedious to post;
only boring things have been happening.


Really, the reason is simple.

I’ve gotten a full plate of activities and priorities that had blogging taken a back seat. Blog surfing has suffered too.

After October 4th, life will come back to normal. What’s with October 4th? Well, that’s when I would be finished with the Portland Marathon. That is, if I survived my very first (or very last) 26.2 mile marathon. If I survive, all the heavy daily training will diminish somewhat. That is, if my toes and knees would still remain as parts of my body. Wish me luck! ‘Cause I’m having second thoughts.

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