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My New Baby

Okay, the title is deceiving. hee!hee!

I have been ‘babying’ a plant called Meyer Lemon Tree. I bought the plant last fall. It’s about 1 foot tall when I got it. I’ve heard good things about Meyer Lemon, so I thought I’d want one. The fruits are supposed to be very sweet.

So I watched this potted plant closely for any signs of life or distress. I left it indoors for the winter. At some point the leaves started to fall out then. I read that it’s because the spot where it was at have gotten much colder. So I moved it close to the heater vent.

Once the daytime temperature surpassed 45°, I moved it out on the deck for sunshine and air. Then late spring, here’s what I got.

Flower Bud of a Meyer Lemon Tree

Late May into June, I’m excited to show, these are just a few of what I’m getting.

 Lovely Little Lemmons

It will take 3 to 4 more months before fruits ripen.

So why am I excited about this potted tree? Almost always, I have a tendency to kill potted plants, be it indoors or outdoors. Just to prove that, I had killed an already 5-foot fig tree in a whiskey barrel outdoors.  Over a period of 3 years from planting time, I thought the fig tree was thriving. How sad! It never flowered. It didn’t die in vain though; I fed it to the compost (minus the roots of course).


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KIP #4 was completed 2 weeks later than target completion time of April 25th.

I wanted to keep this tank top for myself but I owe my dear college friend this one. AWR will be surprised, but she deserves it. She remembered my birthday, but I forgot hers and didn’t even send her any card nor called her that I received her card. Her birthday was just 2 days after mine, in April! I’m such a bad, bad person!

Hopefully, AWR will like it. It’s on its way to her. Even when this project was finished, it took me another month to put on the buttons and more weeks after, to take photos. That’s how bad I am. Doesn’t that prove to you what a great procrastinator I am?!

Noro, Marina Tank Top, Finished with Buttons

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Hey folks! I’m still around! Don’t go away!

I apologize for not posting for…..over a month?! Such a shame, huh? My website must have gotten soooooo boring, I can understand if my readers (who were few to begin with) decided to abandon me.

So, what have I done during my blog absence? Nothing really boring, mind you. I have kept up with knitting, dancing, still working nights, still on track with my walking training for the Portland Marathon in October. I’ve incorporated jogging a bit in my walk training, but am trying not to aggravate my knees.

This past Wednesday, I went to a knee/hip specialist to find out what the status is on my knee condition. Had x-rays done. The doctor took one glance at the x-rays and told me I have no ligament nor bone problems. I don’t even have any sign of arthritis. That’s wonderful to hear.

However, because I have Baker’s Cyst on both of them, there’s something that’s generating fluid build-up to the back of knees. I’ve known that I had Baker’s cyst ever since my rowing days. The first specialist I went to told me to stop all physical activities and see if the fluid would go away. I did that, stopped ALL activities for 6 years, until I got sick of the over-25 pound weight I put on. That first specialist also recommended that I had a choice of pain killers (steroid-type) or fluid aspiration or surgery to overcome the Baker’s cyst. I didn’t like the choices so I just laid off physical activities.

The fluid never went away on both knees. I dabbled with safe workout, but reality check was I’ve put on extra weight that I hate. I wanted to be fit again. Six years of exercise hiatus will not make one fit in a matter of months though. It finally hit me that walking IS a form of exercise. So, here I am today, excited and stoked about getting back to fitness.

This knee surgeon I went to this time around suspects that I have a tear in the meniscus and recommended an outpatient procedure called arthroscopy. Although it’s an outpatient procedure, the recovery may take a bit longer. I cannot afford that, as at this time when such a procedure would take me out of the marathon. I will have to postpone the procedure till after the marathon, if ever I decide to go forward with it.

This walking business seemed to have taken over my life. I even joined a fitness school, right after the Eugene Marathon, for my cross-training. The fitness program is SUCH a killer. It involves a combination of weights, aerobics, gymnastics at high intensity with emphasis on safety for 45 minutes. But it can be scaled to your ability and any physical, or health issues. I love, love working out on weights. I’m really enjoying this fitness school. I have a long ways to go though, as I get winded just 10 minutes into the workout.

So, there you have it. This is my excuse for being away from writing my blog. I can’t wait to resume it though. I’ve missed mentioning alot of stuffs happening around me, my life, my family and friends.

I hope you all come back, all 5 of you, to my blog. hahahaha!

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