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I have fallen off the fast-moving knitting wagon. Let me assure everyone (that is, if anyone is still out there checking out my blog), that I may have fallen off  but I’m brushing off the dirt, hobbling, scrambling to climb back up the wagon. It’s a race to get back on it.

Speaking of race………Yup! The race bug got me. I have already entered 2 races, a 5K on Mother’s Day for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Re-run Run and this last one, a 3K. The latest one, yesterday’s, was a fundraiser for the Greenhill Humane Society, called Bark in the Park.

Bark in the Park at the Start Line

My walking partner’s 2 dogs entered. I was to take her 4 year old Libby while she took 1 year old Matthew (Libby’s son). It was chaotic for me, me who is not used to handling dogs. I keep telling people around the start line to forgive me as I’m really a cat person.

When the race started, Libby wanted to be with her owner and was dragging me around to get to her. Boy, those bird dogs can run! As we met up, we exchanged dogs thinking Matthew, who usually is unpredictable and scatter-brain unless he sees birds, will be less attached to VC, the owner. I was more wrong than right. When he saw his mom dash off, he wanted to be with her or near her. He took off dragging me. Remember, there were people in the race……with dogs…….on the bike path……a bike path narrow enough for only 4 people wide. Matthew was worse to handle than his mom. If I slowed down, he would nudge my elbow to push me on. It was only a 3K (1.86 miles) race, but that was more exhausting than if I did a 5K.

After the race, there was agility demo, which the four of us entered. Libby was better at everything. Matthew was fine until we came upon the tunnel. So, VC and I switched dogs again. I got Libby to go through the tunnel. The guide told me to wait at the other end of the tunnel and dangle a dog treat. Libby was used to these ability tests and I had no clue whatsoever with what to do at these things. So as I went to the other end and peeked in, Libby smashed onto my face before I could even flash the treat. Shock was both on our faces.

Overall, I’ve never seen so many dogs of all kinds and sizes. They were amazingly well-behaved. I felt comfortable enough in what I’d call, ‘my slight phobia with dogs’.

VC with Libby and Matty

Libby (left) and Matthew with VC, just before the race. 

Oh, before I forget to mention, as Matty and I were rounding up to the pond filled with geese, ducks and ducklings, Matty lost focus. He kept looking to the pond and at one point, decided to go towards the water while we were just a few hundred yards from the finish line. Without looking down to him, I kept yelling, ” No birds! No birds! No birds!” People at the benches nearby were having a great laugh at that.

Isn't Matty Cute?

Guess I digress from knitting. Yes, I’m still knitting up squares for the afghan. Yes, KIP #4 is actually finished. I have yet to take photos. Sorry! And I’ve started another KIP ~ will blog about that soon.


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Yaaaaaay! What exhilaration! What accomplishment! The 3rd Annual Eugene Marathon is over!

The goal: to walk a half marathon (13.1 miles)

Target completion time: 4.5 hours

Accomplishment: Completed a half marathon in 3.5 hours!!!!!!!


  • The medal (not a chocolate medal as I wished; and everyone got one);
  • A quarter-sized diameter of a blister on bottom of right foot;
  • A dead nail on one of the little toes of same right foot.

Medal for the Half Marathon

Post Race Notes

That’s my walking partner’s legs on the left and mine on the right. Check out how my right foot is stepping funny. That’s because the blister was intensely painful, like a blister on top of a blister.

That's me on the right!

I started limping at mile 4. The rain was steady at the start of the race and my socks and shoes were soaked. Decided not to change socks knowing if I did, the blister which I could feel had already adhered to the sock will rip open. Miserably, I limped till the end.

My walking partner got pulled along with the runners and had to run along with them. She finished 20 minutes ahead of me.

All along the course, I was tempted to check my time but held off till the end. The best and sweetest surprise was at the finish line when I could hardly believe my eyes. I shaved AN HOUR from my goal time. If only I could jump up and down at the finish line! But pain and fatigue prevented me from doing anything crazy like jumping or bending or anything. But sweet success, I did it!

And you’d think that after the race you are soooo hungry you could eat a horse or a cow, all  I just wanted to do was NOT TO PUKE. So I didn’t partake on the free pancakes. A banana, 2 bags of chips (for the salt intake), 3 bites of turkey subway sandwich were all I could stomach. Then it was off to a long, deep, relaxing massage. I actually napped till it was over.

We stayed till the end of the race. Although I forgot to take a photo at the start of the race (how could I when the area was jam-packed with people), I made sure to take a photo of the sixth-hour time.

Check out the time!

This week is a no-training week, a goof-off week. Then, on to a more rigorous training for the Portland Full Marathon (26.2 miles of hills and bridges) in October. My goal is to finish it at 6.5 to 7.5 hours considering the uphill battles. Mind you, during the race yesterday, I was actually asking/telling myself, “why, why, why am I here when this race is such a painful ordeal; why, why, why, oh why? I’ll never do this again!” After a day (today) of rest, I’m hooked. This is a new addiction! I can’t wait for the next training.

But before Portland Marathon, there’s the Butte-to-Butte 4.5 mile fitness walk. Butte-to-Butte has no 10k walking race, unfortunately.  Butte-to-Butte’s 10k run is brutal as the history indicates, with almost a vertical climb at the beginning of the race.

I might enter 1 or 2 more half marathons somewhere. We will see. It’s more like my knees will tell me.

Overall, I’m really, really glad I didn’t back out of this crazy idea to enter a marathon.

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