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 Accumulating Walk Mileage Points

…the week before the Marathon

Here’s last week’s diary:

Tuesday, April 21st

I did an 7-miler with someone who happens to have damaged spinal nerves and would not join in the marathon. She’s amazingly upbeat, but then she’s totally and heavily medicated. It took us 1.75 hours to finish. That in itself is a BOOST to the ego. Because, she’s a fast walker, taller by 5 inches. I had no problem keeping up with her. At the Truffle Shuffle, she placed 68th with 00:28 minutes. I was only 3 minutes behind her, but I placed well beyond the 100’s.

 Thursday, April 23rd

My walking partner and I took to the park and finished an 8-miler. We had the company of her dog, a 1-year old Welsh Springer Spaniel. Although, this diary entry is about walking, I just HAVE tell you about this dog. It’s one of the most impressive dogs I’ve ever seen or met. It does not bark; one feature I like in a dog. It only comes in red and white color. And it’s a rare breed. Quite friendly. And it loves birds as they are sport hunting dogs. The Springer part of the dog is lovely to see when it starts running. It just goes up and down in a field of tall grass, a very wonderful sight to behold.

Saturday April 25th: 13 miles

These are the miles needed to complete a half marathon. I was ecstatic! It was no biggie. I didn’t feel knee pain or anything. I walked alone, as usual. My walking partner, who couldn’t make it Saturday was in Portland. I had to call her to give her the sweet news. 13 miles at 4.5 hours! The walk was very, very relaxed.

I couldn’t say the same with the night before the Saturday walk. I was unable to sleep until around 02:00. Couldn’t get up in time to prep and meet the walk group at 0900 to do 11 miles. So I skipped it again. The group walk compels one to go with the group speed (much faster).

Started at 11:33 and completed at 15:30. Did the right prep with protein intake, downed 32 oz. electrolyte water and this time swallowing a caffeine shot as an added bonus.

The caffeine shot actually gave me less or none of the knee pain I’d experience at mile 8 and above. When I didn’t feel pain, I pushed for 12 miles. When that felt great, I decided to go all the way to 13 miles.

So, barring stupidity on my part to get into knee trouble this week, I believe I AM READY FOR THE MARATHON on May 3rd. There’s a feeling of excitement and dread at the same time, that although a half marathon may be ‘half-baked’ or ‘not the real thing’, let me assure you 13 miles is no small feat for someone with knee problems.

My goal at this point, is to stay healthy, strong, pain-free. And a little bit of ambition to shave the time down to four hours or less. That would mean, from past experience with rowing races, ‘interval’ exercises will do the trick. But avoiding the burst start of a row, I will skip it as I don’t want to get pain at the very start of the race, pacing myself till about mile 5, picking up speed from mile 5 to mile 8, easing off from mile 8 to about mile 11.5. With pain in check, I will then burst or pick up the speed/jog to the finish.

If only that can easily happen. Weather, temperature, crowd, pre-race night rest/jitters and tummy status are factors that play up to a great or really bad race. But I’m optimistic and sooo excited!


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FO ~ 2009 KIP #2

Cable Details on Noro Smock

It’s finished! See this link for updates on the post. Updates are in orange font. Also, more photos added.

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Marina Tank Top

Knit In Progress #4
, Size Small
Noro Joy, book by Jane Ellison page 24
Noro Taiyo Color #08, Cotton/Silk/Wool/Nylon
Needle Size 6 to gauge
18×24 Gauge, needle size 8
Start Date: April 12th, Sunday
Target Finish Date: April 25th, Saturday
Completion Date:  May 10th, Sunday

Special Note: I’d like to keep this for myself, but am trying not to be selfish.

Noro Joy Book, Jane Ellison

Noro Taiyo Color 08

On the Needle, Noro Taiyo, Noro Joy Marina

I hate, hate knitting in pieces, so picture above shows the right, left and back panels started together. That’s how lazy I am.

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I just have to blog this.

If the above video does not work, try this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lp0IWv8QZY

It goes to show, just because the media and everyone else has this cookie-cutter image of what is a talent, this would put us all to shame! Image is NOT all that matters.

Darn! I feel like crying. For Joy!

Enjoy! And be awestruck!

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Bloggers know that even a small post entry can take hours to create. No? Then it must only be me.

Although I have blog materials to present, my hours are now being taken up by marathon training. Does it take quite a chunk of time to train? Oh yes!

Yes, because miles upon miles are now needed to train for endurance and conditioning. The marathon is on May 3rd. Yikes! That’s only a few weeks away. My nerves are getting so frayed by the anxiety of making a fool of myself that day by: 1) having my right knee (or horror, both knees) lock up on me (did I tell you that on one practice, I had to call home to be picked up by Mr. Wonderful?); 2) having pee accidents (hahaha! If only this is a joke!); 3) worse, sleeping in and getting to the location hours later; 4) even worse, by forgetting to take my *sthma med*cines (I now have three types instead of one!).

So, this anxiety is also taking up my time. And it’s adding to the physical energy depletion.

On the bright side, Noro Smock (or, KIP #2) is finished! Will blog about that soon. KIP #3 has been accumulating panels, but 19 more panels to go. There’s a new project that was started this weekend. In due time, I’ll post about them.

Blog reader, hope you are not bored yet with my blog. Till then, enjoy Spring!

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When my family and I were in O’ahu a few weeks ago, the top on the list of places to visit was Hanauma Bay. It’s home to so many kinds of tropical fish. When we were in O’ahu fifteen years ago, we discovered how wonderful this place was for snorkeling. The fact that snorkeling was easy to do even for a small child (a child that can swim, of course) made this place family-friendly. Unfortunately when we went for vacation 15 years ago, My Precious wasn’t with us. I always felt sad and guilty for not having him with us then. (Considering that the couple we went with, dominated and dictated where my husband and I should go. And that did not sit well with me. That as much as I enjoyed that trip, it was marred by people who shouldn’t have come with us.)  

Oops! Got sidetracked there for a second. Back to the subject of snorkeling. So, this time around, we made sure that My Precious was with us. We had described to him that the bay held wondrous fish of every exotic kind; that he would love it, etc., etc. We even showed him photos of a Hanauma Bay Book we bought prior to the trip. His only answer was: I’m done with swimming.

Oh, that’s a sad remark. You see, all his young life, My Precious had been swimming competitively. So, he’s had it with water and swimming and chlorine and all. I was much concerned he would not go in and enjoy looking at these fish. But we pushed him.

Going to Hanauma Bay is best if you take the bus. We heard that it gets crowded and parking can be a nightmare. And don’t go on the weekend since even the locals go there on those days. So, on a Friday we got up early; had breakfast; gathered up our towels and extra clothes and took the bus. When we got there, even at an early time there already was a line to enter the preserve for a nominal fee; another line to see a required video-showing of what the Bay is all about: preservation of the reef, fish, environment, etc.

Finally, we walked down the hill; staked out our spot; rented the snorkel gear; and went in the water. I always thought that Hawaiian water is much warmer than, say Oregon Coast’s brrrr 64° water. Well, surprise, surprise! It was cooooold for a brief moment.

Once in the water, My Precious disappeared happily swimming away and checking out the fish. He was gone more than 3 hours, while I would come back ashore every now and then for swallowing I would guess a gallon of sea water. I couldn’t get used to the fins (I was tripping all over the place), which I ditched and replaced with my water sandals.

Anyway, My Precious would have not come back had the lifeguard not announced that the waves were getting too high and the wind had started to whip up. He wanted everyone out. This man-child came out of that water beaming with smile. Remember, this young man always makes sure his precious smile is not to be dispensed unnecessarily. Well…….HE WAS ACTUALLY HAPPY! And as guarded as he is with conversation, he started talking about the fish, the rocks, the reef, the lone turtle that he had encountered. He swam further and deeper from the shore and found even more exotic fish than the ones I did.

Here are the ones I encountered. Please note that the camera I used was a disposable water-proof camera. Wasn’t sure what kind of photos would come out of it. But I was pleasantly surprised. The photos may look murky, but I assure you, IT’S AMAZING down there in the water.

 006_20a3      022_4a2      017_9a1

007_19a2      008_18a2      003_23a1

One other note about the disposable camera, it went through the x-ray conveyor at the airport accidentally. I was afraid the x-ray machine had erased the negatives. How sweet it didn’t!

Ain't That Gorgeous!

And above it all, no sand shark was ever encountered on that trip.

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