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Doesn’t this look like Spring?!

Exotic Flowers, Lush Greenery, O'ahu

Okay, the photo above was taken from the Honolulu Zoo close to the Orangutan enclosure and not from around HUE-JEAN. Tropical countries like Hawaii have wild plants, flowers and the likes that look like they’re having a good time coming out of the earth. Elsewhere in the U.S. (at least in my immediate surroundings), the wild ones look like weeds! hahahaha!

Since the beginning of the official Spring day, yesterday was, well, looking like Spring indeed: in the mid-50’s, no rain! but a bit overcast. As much as rain is needed, I just about had enough of the cold low 30’s to mid-40’s.

So yesterday, being Thursday, was a walk training day. Upon waking up early afternoon, I already noticed it was going to be a wonderful day to walk. This time I didn’t have to prep much. ‘Prep?’, you asked. ‘Who needs to prep to walk?’ Wellllll, layers of clothing for one. A hat. Pair of gloves. Maybe raincoat/rain-pants. Water bottle. You get the drift. 

Sooo, this time, with just Capri pants, tank top (imagine that!) and a hooded pullover, no water bottle (I already drank 4-8oz. water supplement prior to the walk), I went about plotting my route. 7-mile walk! It feels liberating when you are not bogged down by paraphernalia.

I started shadow-walking the marathon route for the first time. This is just peachy. Because, during the first mile itself, I found out a small hill has to be tackled; not bad at all. However, after several miles of flat ground, another hill at the mid-8 mile mark will be the problem. How do I know that when I only did 7 miles. Well, when I plotted my route for yesterday, I started my walk at the 8-mile mark. Had to park my vehicle at the tennis court area near it. Plus, there was a public bathroom. And that’s important. Actually, I plot my walks where there would be accessible bathrooms I can use.

During my walk, I made sure that I looked around the surroundings. I noticed that the cherry blossoms were having such great time blooming. Daffodils were also swaying to the breeze. There’s just so much green now, one can’t help but have their spirit uplifted. Birds are even happier and noticeably chirpier(?). But the walk itself in the university neighborhoods was quiet and serene. Until I realized that it’s Spring Break and those rambunctious college students are GONE! Yay!

Today calls for more sunshine and in the upper 50’s. I’m on my way out to do a harder walk:  steep, steep hills. 4 miles. Starts right up my doorstep.  The end point and prize: a light lunch of chicken, tuna or egg salad with healthy soup from……Barry’s of course!

Speaking of healthy, I’ve been eating and drinking ‘HEALTHY’ lately. That means, LESS FAT, LESS SUGAR! Darn!

So, till next blog entry, please be happy, happy reading my blog! hahaha!


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Knit In Progress #3

Lizard Ridge Afghan, Laura Aylor Creation, featured in Knitty.

Noro Kureyon, 24 Assorted Yarns, 100% Wool

Size 8 Needle

Start Date: March 22, 2009, Sunday

Target Finish Date: September 30, 2009, Sunday

Completion Date: October 19, 2009 Monday

Lizard Ridge Afghan's First Panel, Noro Kureyon

Special Notes:

This is a birthday gift to My Precious. His birthday is on October 23rd.

There are 24 panels to knit on this afghan. If I complete 1 panel a week, I will finish (meaning stitch up all the panels, then blocked the afghan) in time for his birthday.

When I discovered this Lizard Ridge pattern in 2006, I wanted to make it for My Precious’ 21st birthday the following year. High ambition! Ha! That didn’t happen. But, I’m always optimistic when it comes to knitting. About life, MEH!, that’s a different feeling there.

KIP#2 and #3 are fulfilling some of my 2009 Knitting Plans. See the rest of future project plans here.

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Knit In Progress #2 (I’m going to start numbering my knit projects. This would be the 2nd one for this year.)

Noro Smock (generally known as Design 10, Noro Flowers Book 4, Jenny Watson Designs)

Noro Chirimen 6A, Cotton Silk, Wool Blend

Size 6 Needle

Start Date: March 16, 2009, Monday

Target Finish Date: April 5, 2009, Sunday

Completion Date: April 8th, Wednesday

Special Notes: This is a birthday gift to myself. Birthday is on April 10.

Noro Flowers Book 4, Jenny Watsons Design





Design 10, Noro Flowers Book 4
  1. I’m going to start numbering knit projects for easy reference.
  2. Once project is completed, I will update the original post. Updates will then be linked/referenced FROM a new post.
  3. In addition, I have included a target finish time because I find that having a goal makes me work my b*tt off instead of being flaky and wishy-washy about completion time. Having a deadline stops me from being lazy.
  4. Any special notes or MODifications to project will be noted too on the original post, but will not be mentioned until the project is completed.

Completion Notes: 4/17/09, Friday

Smock took a few days longer to complete, and blocking took another 3 days. Finished size, even with blocking, came up slightly bigger than I anticipated. A few washings in warm water might, hopefully, shrink it.

Overall, I love, love it. I wore it to work Wednesday night to show off to my co-worker, who has been seeing the progression of the project to completion. Unfortunately, she called in sick. However, a friend from another department saw it and immediately thought it was hand-made and super-gorgeous. That made my day! Flattery always get me! hahaha!

Here’s a photo (as always, a bit fuzzy) of the FO.

Noro Design #10, Smock

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Over the weekend, a lovely postcard from Anya came in the mail. It made my day. The eye candy of a card popped out and made me happy. The little note made an extra skip in my heart. It was a thank-you note for the yarn given away on my First Anniversary Giveaway. It said:

“Thank you so much! I gave it to a friend who said she would knit me a pair of socks. I made her promise to make something for herself, too.
Thanks again!”

Anya does not knit; she quilts awesome, adorable quilts. But she knows a good material when she sees one. That DyeLots yarn was one heck of a lovely fiber to knit.

Here’s what the card looks like. What’s great about it is…it’s actually a piece of quilt with stiffed white backing. (Is that a correct quilt-speak, Anya?) A brilliant idea for a postcard!

Anya's TY Postcard

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To blogging? Definitely Y-E-S!

From vacation? A big NOOOOOOOO!

But life goes on. And nowadays, money is ever sooo important to have in order to take a vacation. There’s always a need for it….in big chunks if it may. heehee! So back to work to replenish the near-empty tiny coffer that now only have a few nickels and dimes but lots of pennies. Alas!

Vacation was absolutely great! To find the time and excuse to stay away from THE JOB is totally a necessity. A break is always needed.

Anyway, I won’t talk much about vacation in one lump. However, one of the few reasons in going to O’ahu, and Waikiki to be exact, was to meet a group of local knitters. So before the trip, I hooked up in emails with MK. She responded quickly and was wonderfully informative about the Aloha Knitters, a group of fiber lovers who meet every Thursday nights at a local shopping mall. MK Carrollalso provided significant information on the LYS (local yarn shops).

Unfortunately, I only spend an hour with the Aloha Knitters. There were about 9 of them. I can name them here since no one will know (except themselves) who they are. I wanna make sure that I respect their privacy, which I forgot to ask about. So, I won’t even link to their websites. There were: Dorothy, Opal, Megan, Angela, Barbara, another Angela, Lisa, Kayla and Paula. They were all very friendly. Their knit projects were in various stages of finishing. I’m amazed that in a place where the weather is almost constantly in the 80’s, people are very inspired to knit. And that’s a good thing!

I wanted to take a photo of the group, but my stoopid, crappy camera (it’s a digital KODAK!) decided to retire that evening when all day long I had to fight with it to take photos. Hopefully, the group will at least remember me as the person who left them goodies from Oregon.

Another unfortunate thing on my part was not being able to go check out even one LYS. ‘Tis sad! I did call one place, which was as close I as could feel to going to the LYS. There just wasn’t enough time to cover all of O’ahu in such a short time. Everything was interesting.

So, I have been home a solid week 10 days. What have I done since I came back? Work, of course. Gotta earn back what I had easily spent on this vacation. And knit, what else. Oh yes, I forgot……marathon training.

  • About work: all week long, I had too many scary moments when I would nod to sleep and drift to the oncoming lane or the right shoulder or driving slowly. These all happened on going home from work. My body or brain for that matter, could not adjust quickly enough with the time change, the night work schedule adjustment. The weekend took care of the sleep deprivation.
  • As for the knitting part: I have started a Noro baby-doll top upon coming home from vacation late in the week last week. There were about 4 false starts and had to frog on this project. This setback should tell me, maybe it’s back luck to continue it. But I persevered. I will write another blog entry for the knitting project.
  • The walk training part is all screwed up. I hurt my right knee as I walked the 3-mile mark of a 6-mile walk. Bummer! A setback! Gotta nurse it back ASAP!

Here’s a teaser photo of Waikiki:

Diamond Head

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Kalua Says Aloha!

Aloha! My name is Kalua Bahboy!

My name is Kalua Bahboy from Kailua Hawaii

This good and kind human bought me from my lonely perch on a glass-panelled storefront in Waikiki and took me home to HUE-JEAN. Then I met others like me. A whole village full of PIGGETTs and other cute-looking stuffed creatures. Now am happi! The kind human named me Kalua. Which is kinda sick, considering Kalua is Hawaiian for ‘roast’ pig.

I’m wearing a Hawaiian print cloth. Do you like it?

Kalua In Traditional Hawaiian Print


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