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It’s Sad When….

one finds oneself NOT popular! Actually, that’s not my goal. But still, it stings when the reality is that NOT one response or comment came into my First Blog Anniversary post entry. Could it be that the rules I laid out were too limiting? Most probably.

I did get some response though. I GOT SP*MMED! hahaha! Do I deserve it? Heck, I don’t know! But this is a lesson learned.

So, in the spirit of contriteness or my t*il between my l*gs, I will lift these constrictions on the rules. So, let’s go revisit the rules:

Rules to this giveaway are as follow:

  1. Leave a comment on this blog entry; ONLY ON THIS BLOG ENTRY. Forget the previous one.

  2. You have to have either a crochet or knit blog/website to enter.Alright, you don’t have to have a blog/website. As long as you can crochet or knit a project.

  3. Because I’d like you to make something out of it and post a photo in your blog.Just make sure to send me photos. No pressure on the deadline of FO.

  4. Lastly, the cutoff time for comments is February 12th February 19th, Thursday at midnight, Pacific Standard Time.

I hope this time the rules are fair. You can let me know that. How about it?

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