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This is my 140th posting!

Here are the last items being added to the pile of goodies ready to go to a lucky recipient of my 150th Post Giveaway box.


 Beware of a Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing, a 5″x7″ print in 8″x10″ matted border, by a young, very talented local artist named Noelle Dass. Her artwork is quite famous around here; and before I met her, I have always thought that the artist was a man in his forties. Not sure why. I mentioned to her about my impression and she indicated that people had looked at her artwork and had thought the same way I did ~ that the artist is anyone else but her. She’s very humble and approachable. Plus, her artwork seemed very happy, quirky, and whimsical. I’m glad I finally met her.


Sipping Dreams Drinking Chocolate Bars (+ cup) ~ very rich and delicious! I personally met Clover and mentioned that I was looking for some local products to give away on my blog. Clover was very friendly and helpful with giving me much information about chocolate as well as how different it is from hot cocoa.

You have until February 8th at midnight Pacific Standard Time to leave comments on this post.

(Remember, that is PACIFIC STANDARD TIME. So, if you are from the East Coast, you still have 3 hours beyond your midnight to leave comments. Isn’t that nice, huh?! Or, if you are from other time zones, just calculate accordingly.)

For a recap, click here for the other items that I’m including in the silver tin box to give to one lucky recipient, and why I’m doing a giveaway. But altogether, here are the items all spread out for you.


100_2217    100_2219Whew! They all fit in the box!

This silver tin is all ready to go! Just need to have comments from anyone, everyone whoever you are Lucky Ducky!


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