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No Motivation

Been sick lately and the lingering blase feeling just got me in the dumps. No motivation to blog, even when I got lots of materials to write about. I mean LOTS!

Sorry folks. This a what a bi-polar person is like. One moment, sooo lively and the next, just not the person you’d like to be around with. Am I a poster-child of depression? Yup, you’re looking at one.

Really cannot wait for Daylight Saving Time to well…..save me from this disgusting S.A.D. feeling.

Meantime, I will be away for oh, about a week and a half. A much-needed R&R  is coming up. That should perk me up, don’t you think?

Ta-tat for now! Be good while I’m gone! And keep knitting!


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1st Blog Anniversary Giveaway Winner!

The winner, and the only one who responded to the First Blog Anniversary giveaway is none other than ANYA.

Anya, send me an email with your address so you can quickly claim your precious prize.

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President’s Day May Be Over

I know, I know. But….

Just an interesting take on President’s Day celebration. Check this out.

This is the person behind it.

♣   ♣   ♣

On a different note:

The person who recently left me a comment, please try again. WordPress is good at remembering each comment that comes in a blog. If it’s someone new, it will place it in the SPAM section until it gets approved. Somehow, I inadvertently deleted it before being reviewed. Sorry, please try again.

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The Falling Leaves top (tunic) is done! There was a mention of it at an earlier posting.

Knitting the pattern was totally fun. It was unbelievably easy to follow the instructions (by the way, it’s for intermediate level). Lily allowed me to complete the project in 1.5 months, but I was able to finish (the knitting part, anyway) in a month. All it needs now is to tuck in ends, block it and sew in the buttons. I haven’t chosen what buttons to put in. Will go to the sew & notions store tomorrow to buy them.  Other than that, it’s FINITO!

Here are the specs:

YARN: 10 balls of Merino 5, Color 5220, 110 yds/50 gms  100% Superwash Merino Wool, Crystal Palace Yarns, DK Weight
SIZE: Small
FINISH: The Picot Bind Off was knitted instead of the crochet finish that Lily used. It was easier for me to knit than to crochet it since I’m not as comfortable with crocheting.

Falling Leaves Top, Front View

Falling Leaves Top, Sleeve Detail

See my footsies peeking out on the above pix?


The knitted picot bind off is more pronounced than on the crochet version on Lily’s.



Falling Leaves, Waist Detail

If I had to do this over, the waistband height-wise would be longer. But it doesn’t really look bad this way. Maybe the band seems short because I have yet to block the whole top.






Falling Leaves, Back Side

 Falling Leaves Top, Lace Pattern Details

Now, go check out Lily Go’s blog. She’s now offering the pattern for sale.

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Hot Stuff, Official Mascot for Valentine's

Made dinner at home and invited My Precious for a simple chicken dinner. After which, there was an exchange of simple gifts of chocolates and cards.

Earlier this week, I happened to mention to Mr. Wonderful that I’d like to go to the club Saturday to hear a rock-blues band, JC Rico & Zulu Dragon, play. It so happen that February 14th is JC’s last gig. He’s retiring after this gig. I’d love to hear him and his band play; and quite sad and disappointed that few of the bands I follow, either retire or fold. So, I really, really wanted to listen to him.

On the Valentine’s card that Mr. Wonderful gave me, he wrote: “Let’s go see JC Ricco.” I jumped for joy. Mr. Wonderful, quite a while back, had stated flatly that his days of club-hopping (he rarely does BTW) are numbered. He’s getting too old. That from now on, he can only promise to come with me four times a year, on a quarterly basis. That’s why I had to jump for joy, that although I go without him often enough, it’s still a great feeling to have him there, even if he does not dance alot of the times.

After dinner, it was then off to hear JC Rico at Mac’s at the Vet’s Club. Mr. Wonderful is actually on a first name basis there, which surprised me, which also surprised the bartenders knowing that they see me frequent the place without the hubby; and to see both of us together must be a brow-raiser for the bartenders.

It sure was a lovely end for Valentine’s night. We did ask My Precious if he wanted to come to the club, but by the look on his face, the message was: ‘I would not want to be seen in the likes of old people dancing and making fools of themselves. I’d rather be dead.’

Flowers, Chocolates & Hot Stuff

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you and your loved ones

are enjoying











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It’s Sad When….

one finds oneself NOT popular! Actually, that’s not my goal. But still, it stings when the reality is that NOT one response or comment came into my First Blog Anniversary post entry. Could it be that the rules I laid out were too limiting? Most probably.

I did get some response though. I GOT SP*MMED! hahaha! Do I deserve it? Heck, I don’t know! But this is a lesson learned.

So, in the spirit of contriteness or my t*il between my l*gs, I will lift these constrictions on the rules. So, let’s go revisit the rules:

Rules to this giveaway are as follow:

  1. Leave a comment on this blog entry; ONLY ON THIS BLOG ENTRY. Forget the previous one.

  2. You have to have either a crochet or knit blog/website to enter.Alright, you don’t have to have a blog/website. As long as you can crochet or knit a project.

  3. Because I’d like you to make something out of it and post a photo in your blog.Just make sure to send me photos. No pressure on the deadline of FO.

  4. Lastly, the cutoff time for comments is February 12th February 19th, Thursday at midnight, Pacific Standard Time.

I hope this time the rules are fair. You can let me know that. How about it?

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