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What Joy! Such Bliss!

Besides yarn, what do you think makes me more happy to have?


My Very Own Flamenco Shoes


To have, AT LAST!, real FLAMENCO SHOES. And perfect fit to boot.

For so long, I have been relying on these.


See the difference in the quality and look between these and the Flamenco shoes?

These basic ballroom shoes were able to get me into all sorts of dance practices. However, they are now wearing out and need to be retired soon. Real Flamenco shoes have sturdy, solid base to support the countless tapping intensity needed to execute this dramatic, electrifying dance.

Now I need to invest on the outfits, but they are not cheap. Then, I’m ready to dance away in bliss.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Doesn't this look exactly me?!

A day to give thought and express great gratitude…

… to our loves ones great and small, near and far.

That life is wonderful after all.

And to me, the occasion that leads up to…


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I found this description from eHarmony, of what a windbag is.

The Windbag
Yakkity Yak. The Windbag is the woman who never shuts up, barely stopping to breathe. Seeming only concerned about what is going on in her life and sharing her prattling insights, this Chatty Cathy also has Drama-Queen tendencies (not good).
The Windbag’s rambling renditions drive men ME! crazy for obvious reasons, but they also make men ME! feel a little obsolete since they can go on and on without anyone else’s input. Most people think it takes two to have a conversation, but not The Windbag.
Women are more verbal than men and get a bad rep for being garrulous. The Windbag, however, doesn’t know that the sound of silence is golden. She needs to learn that the more you talk, the less you learn.

Here’s a term that fits perfectly well of someone I know.

“Bingo!”, I said to myself upon finding out from eHarmony of all places, what I’ve been looking for to describe a person, that for years I have tolerated (and even respected) because of the status of being a relative.

I wish I do not have to deal with this person anymore. However, this person doesn’t want to leave me alone. No one, I mean no one, has had the nerve to ignore this person. I did and I still do. And this person cannot believe that of all people, it had to be me.

So please forgive this blog entry. It’s a mild rant-and-rave entry. I just have to let it out. There’s more I wanted to say here, but that would be hitting below the belt kind of deal. I’ve already done that sometime ago. I had unleashed a verbal bomb directed at this person, that at this point, I have not taken back. Which means, what I said stays, no apology whatsoever.  Because everything I said I really meant.

And I wish I can tell you what prompted me to even have given this person an ounce of my blog space and my time.

Oh yeah……I had to vent.

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This is a knitting blog site after all.

A Turret?

Can’t tell you what it is, yet.

I made it a point not to brag about something I cannot show an end product for. Let’s just say, remember that stupid mistake I made of the Cap Shawl? That’s why.

And don’t worry. I have been knitting. There’re 5 KIPs and another one on the way. That’s all I can say. For now.

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Sahalie Falls…

…is Seraphim Falls, the movie. See Register-Guard article about it. I saw the movie, but it was quite violent. Gorgeous, gorgeous scenery though.

Let’s continue on with the Fall Drive Through the McKenzie, shall we?

The Sahalie, Koosah and Tamolitch Falls were to be our end point of the trip. One can hike all three falls through a beautiful, meandering trail hugging the edge of the McKenzie River. From either end point of the hike, one needs to go up or down certain degrees of elevation.

Here is a diagram of the three falls. All three are beautiful, each with different characteristics unique of each other.

          Tamolitch          Koosah (middle falls) & Sahalie (top falls)

Usually, the hike we take would start at the top, on Sahalie all the way down to Tamolitch. But that day, since we begun the trip already late in the afternoon, we were only able to hike down to Koosah. Alas, Tamolitch Falls would have to wait.

Sahalie Falls Pictures

Amazing Mist!

That's not fog! This is what one sees from approach from parking lot 

Mr. Wonderful at the top edge of the falls. Check out the rapids behind him to the right. In front of him is a higher rock formation and vantage point to the VERY EDGE of the falls.

Mr. Wonderful on side of the top of falls 

Here’s the vantage point I told you about. That’s my left hand hanging on to the rock, and my right hand focused on taking pictures. I could literally touch the whitewater. Mr. Wonderful was hanging on to my legs.

Right Atop and Edge of Sahalie Falls

Very dangerous location you might say! And here’s why?

What's this?    In memory of.....   In memoriam of someone unlucky to have fallen in   

Once I reached the very top edge of the rock formation on my belly, I was surprised to come face to face with the flowers. My mind raced through thinking what this image meant. All I can think of was that someone (or two) had met an accident atop this very rock I was on. (Later on when I got home, I tried to get some news history about the falls, but the local newspaper just wouldn’t give it out without a fee. Darn! Accident happened in June 2006.)

Do you see those people behind a veil of mist. They were looking up at us, thinking Mr. Wonderful and I were crazy. I guess we were. When we saw them, we realized it must be time to come down.

Taken from Atop the Falls

 And here’s the magnificent Sahalie Falls in Autumn. Imagine what it would be like in Spring!

Sahalie Falls

And on the hike down to Koosah, the scenery can only be described as awesome and gorgeous. But what was Mr. Wonderful thinking as he looked at the icy, clear rapids of the McKenzie River?

McKenzie River Rapids

Oh, don't get in the water, please!

He only wanted to dip his hand and scoop up a drink of the water.

Koosah Falls at a 90 Foot Drop

Koosah Falls in the McKenzie

The End.

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A Fall Drive Through the McKenzie

The Northwest does not follow distinct four seasonal changes. Well, it does and it doesn’t. Let me explain. As much as temperatures change, typically from 80-90 degrees in summer and 30-45 in fall/winter, the dry and wet seasons are far more distinct. Dry Summer is very short, from July through the end of September. Rain, fog, freezing rain, and more foggy rain is typical weather for the rest of the following 8 months. Wet season can even begin as early as mid-September and stay even into mid-June and sometimes till early July. Yes, the Northwest is synonymous to rain. It is as green as Ireland, but as depressing, gloomy and dark as England.  (No offense to the English, it’s just that alot of movies with English plots portray England as dark, gloomy and brooding.)

Since the beginning of November, it had been wet, wet, wet. But today, and for a few more days to come, Eugene is experiencing unusually sunny and warm weather. We even got to see FULL MOON last night. I love the brilliant night light when there’s a full moon. I hope it would be a clear night tonight as well. Most Autumn leaves, however, had fallen.

So, to reminisce about Autumn leaves, let’s go back to the month of October. October this year was pretty dry. On the last Friday of that month, Mr. Wonderful and I decided to take a day drive. It was time to see the Fall Colors. It was time to head east. East towards the McKenzie River Valley, that is.

Scenic Drive Thru Highway 126

Leaburg Dam Rec Area

Fall Colors

Icy Cold McKenzie River

Cascade Mountains in Background

to be continued…….

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The March of the Crayfish

Hello, I'm Crayfish!

I’ve never tried a crayfish or crawfish before. I’ve always wanted to try it. Crayfish looks like a small version of lobster.

Ain't I cute?

The other day, on my irregular food shopping day… irregular, because I food-shop on impulse; that is, when I run out of food to cook is when I go shopping… I happened upon cooked crayfish at the market’s seafood deli.

Naturally curious and a seafood fiend, I had to buy some. Try some. A pound, which is about a dozen of them, was just the right amount for 2 people. I had to tell Mr. Wonderful that we were having crayfish for dinner. With some hesitation and lackluster response, he agreed. The reason for this, he’d rather eat whatever is served than go hungry. hahahahaha! Even if the food sounds foreign and weird. His laziness to cook is actually a stronger feeling than going hungry.

After being heated up and served, we were expecting mini-lobster taste. The much anticipated taste amounted to disappointment from both Mr. Wonderful and me. In fact, it tasted kinda weird and funny. Next time, I will buy them raw and cook them myself.

SO WE LET THEM MARCH…Crayfish Cheering!



I really did not want to waste them. I have tried weird food before, but I don’t gamble my stomach, which I consider made of cast-iron, when it comes to bad seafood.

Can someone out there let me know what crayfish should taste like? I mean if they were just plainly boiled with a little seasoning? I still think they are no different from lobsters or crabs taste-wise.

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