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My 100th Posting!


No contest though. Not yet!



Yes, that’s the person behind this blog.

Finally feeling comfortable enough to reveal myself. Were you surprised? Were you disappointed? Do I look my age? And finally, I’ll reveal my age as well. It’s 52 and aging still!

One thing I’m not quite comfortable revealing is my real name. So, I’m simply Yarn Hungry Hog at this time.

I think I’ll do a meme on myself. It’s my blog anyway. Actually, I have no set questions, so this is mostly about revealing FACTS about moowah. The list is not in any particular order.

1. My personality does not match my look.

2. I’m not meek.

3. I may be shy at first meeting with strangers or acquaintances.

4. I’m nice until you unfairly cross me, physically or verbally.

5. I’m fiercely loyal.

6. I’m also territorial.

7. I always root for the underdog.

8. If someone (animal or man) is being mistreated verbally or physically, I don’t hesitate or even blink to intervene.

9. I’m an Aries through and through; hence, unafraid to head-butt, literally and figuratively.

10. However, I have conscience; morally and ethically committed. Socially conscious, yes.

11. Born Catholic, but non-practicing. You will not hear me utter religious sayings, etc, here in this blog. (At least, to try to refrain from discussing religion.) There may be a leaning towards agnosticism than atheism.

12. Just because one is not of any or a specific religion, cannot be said to be void of spirituality.

13. I respect other people’s religions unless they start shoving it down my throat.

14. I can be lazy, I will admit here.

15. Procrastinator extraordinaire.

16. Knitter wannabe!

17. Medical laboratory technology graduate but computer technology trained.

18. ‘Short but charming’ ~ the very description I told my boyfriend (now husband) when we first met. He said that is so NOT TRUE! after a few dates. Heck, we are still married after 24 years!

19. ‘PATOOT and CAUSTIC-TONGUE’ ~ the replacement description of me by my husband. Patoot is sort of a distorted version of petite.

20. I love kayaking and rowing, but is afraid of water. Will only swim if there’s no other recourse.

21. Extremely myopic ~ you have to guess this one, as there are several different uses of myopic.

22. Loves to eat, but hates to cook. That goes back to item # 14.

23. Crazy about dancing.

24. Cannot carry a tune. Ever!

25. Perpetual kung-fu martial arts student.

26. Too fat at the moment (20 pounds overweight). Sad!

27. I have IOL. It’s not a sickness. hahahaha!

28. I has born with congenital cataracts. I lost the true lenses of both eyes by cataract surgery in my early 30’s. Very young to be involved in cataract surgery. Hence, #27 to replace those lenses.

29. Because of #21, I have to watch out for macular degeneration. In fact, it has already started. A definite sign of old age. How sad indeed!

30. I have poor memory. Must be something to do with working nights. I don’t think there’s Alzheimer’s disease history in either my maternal or paternal side of the family.

31. One of my childhood dreams is to open a store. It’s a combination yarn/knitting shop, restaurant, library and music/dance club. I don’t think there’s a city permit to allow such a venue. haha!

 32. If I was given another chance to redo my work career, it would either be as a firefighter, EMT, forensic investigator, detective or a physicist.

 33. I’m 3rd of 5 children. I have 3 sisters and a brother.

34. I had been considered a black sheep in my family. As the middle child, that’s the only way to get noticed.

35. I have one child, a son, who’s turning 21 sooo soon. He’s My Absolute Precious! I can’t help it.

36. Growing up, I’d wish for a big family, like 10 children. Now, one is more than enough.

37. I don’t drink. The funny thing is, I met my husband at a club/bar.

38. I don’t smoke either.

39. I admit to be bi-polar, but never been diagnosed for it. Proof: I can be high-strung and full of energy. I can go with four hours sleep on average. During those high times, I can push myself to do projects (at home, at work, at play) all at once or simultaneously. During low times, I can be very quiet, and would do absolutely little or next to nothing. But I don’t abandon family or work duties. Or personal hygiene (hahaha).

40. I love stuffed animals.

Well folks, I think I will stop at 40 items for now. I have ran out of things to say about myself. I usually prefer to ask people about themselves and refrain from talking about myself.


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South Coast Weekend ~ Part 2

After Port Orford, we headed straight down to Gold Beach in time to book a room at Jot’s Resort. Every time we go to Gold Beach, we always stay at Jot’s Resort. The whole property overlooks the Rogue River on its way out to sea. I always associate Gold Beach and Rogue River for its mail jet boat adventures. Anything whitewater adventure is such a magnet to my interest.



There’s another reason why we went to Gold Beach. It’s this area. This area by the North Jetty of the Rogue River is an wind-swept, open-space of harsh living. This area is home to feral or abandoned cats. But the town of Gold Beach had done a surprisingly caring environment for these cats. We discovered this area by accident years ago. From afar, we could see little structures near the edge of a rocky slope by the river. We had to get closer. But to get closer, one has to drive some distance from the resort past the coast guard station and make a left from the paved road to a pothole-riddled wide-span of a gravel road. It’s not even a road. just take a look.




After a day spent in Gold Beach, we headed back north past Reedsport. Last stop before heading east towards Eugene was Old Florence town. Timing was just right to savor the good weather, the end of summer; plus the town’s outdoor market was going on. I bought two little baskets of the most delicious and sweetest cherry tomatoes to snack on later. Hubby and I split up, with me window-shopping and he, typically Irish-blooded, went to a bar.  Then we met up to find a place to eat dinner. I’d say, this is usually the scenario when we go on vacations. We have learned not to irritate each other by stopping the bar-goer and the window-shopper (oh I do shop/buy, unbeknownst to hubby) from pursuing their respective interest.

Here are some Old Florence photos:



  See Monday section from this blog regarding this restaurant. 

NOTE: This blog entry and that of the previous one of South Coast Weekend was a trip made on September 19 and 20 weekend.

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South Coast Weekend ~ Part 1

The last couple of days of summer found me and my hubby at the South coast of Oregon. Just came back from an overnight trip there. It’s been awhile since we have hit the South coast. It’s always been to the north. Not sure why. Oregon coast, from Brookings at the very Southern tip to Astoria at the very Northern tip, is just plain gorgeous. Little coastal towns dot Highway 101 and each of them has its own character and charm.  And lots of lighthouses, too.

The destination town for this trip was Gold Beach. It’s just north of Brookings. To get there meant hitting other coastal towns like Reesport, Coos Bay, Charleston, Bandon, Port Orford, to name a few. Since we only had a day and a half to kill, we decided to stop at Old Bandon for part of the day and spend overnight at Gold Beach, before heading back north and do a last stop at Old Florence.  

Bandon is the cranberry capital of Oregon. We just missed the cranberry festival by a week. Oh well! Bandon is also known for a golf course overlooking the ocean. We feasted on clam chowder, crab cakes at the Bandon Fish Market and Chowder House. One cannot leave Bandon with a bag or two of sweet dried cranberries from Cranberry Sweets & More store. 

Bandon’s ocean view map is just plain awesome. There are rock formations scattered along the Bandon Beach area. Legend has it that one of the rocks called Face Rock was about an Indian tribe Chief and his daughter/princess from the mountains who came to visit a tribe that lived closed to the ocean. There was a huge feast in their honor. After the feast, the princess took her favorite pets, a dog, a cat and its kittens in a basket; left the basket by the shore and proceeded to swim the ocean. A sea creature grabbed her. Her faithful dog, sensing danger, carried the basket with the cat and kittens in it and swam towards her. Upon reaching the creature, the dog bit it so hard that the monster kicked the dog and threw the basket far to sea. The princess, avoiding looking at the monster whose power was in its eyes, looked skyward instead. Her dog, cat and kittens waiting for her to get up, were scattered nearby. The monster sits next to her waiting for her to look at it. I just love legends!

Here are my attempts to capture these rock formations with my measly camera. I didn’t do justice to the Face Rock.


 Then it was off to Port Orford. Port Orford also has rock formations along its beaches. The more famous one is the Battle Rock. With a gorgeous day as it was, accompanied by low tide, I coaxed my husband to climb that little rock.


It wasn’t that easy, since up where there’s that tree was quite vertical with no foot hold. But we did it. It was fun with a bit of a workout that’s just rightfully needed when we had been driving for hours.


More of coast trip posting coming up!

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Farewell to Summer

It actually rained this morning! Fall is definitely in the neighborhood.

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World Trade Center New York City

Before I left New York City at the end of 1991, I used to work at the World Trade Center, South Building (or Bldg. 2), 74th floor. I used to work for Dean Witter Reynolds (DWR), now Morgan Stanley.

The World Trade Center, a group of buildings, situated in Lower Manhattan, was such a village in itself. 

Here is my description of it.

Above ground, it looked so expansive, so magnificent. Always buzzing with activities. Seven days a week. Below ground, it was abuzz with restaurants, shops, several levels of garages, local NYC trains and NJ trains stopped and go to pick up and drop off thousands of commuters. And the elevators. There was none I could compare them with when it came to describing its elevators. Oh, the speed that they travelled to take people to their floors!

On the 74th floor, when you look out of the window to the streets below, you can see little ants (vehicles) move about. People were harder to distinguish below. You can see the Empire State building to the north; the Statue of Liberty to the south; the bridges to the east; New Jersey to the west. On stormy days, the clouds were below us. Wind would rattle the floor-to-ceiling windows quite violently. We always wondered how strong those windows were and couldn’t imagine what it would be like if any of them fell off. With the wind howling, you could hear it when you were on the elevators, or in bathrooms, as bathrooms were situated around the elevators.

Those were the days I remembered working at the Twin Towers. I had great memories of working with wonderful people, that a few even to this day I still have contact with. Fortunately for the department I worked at, all the people there were accounted for that fateful day. But what about the people from different departments we had (I had) dealings with? I always wondered if they also survived.

That horrifying day in 2001, I remembered getting ready to go home from nightshift work. It was a Tuesday. I can’t remember the exact time, it must have been around 0600 PST or slightly earlier. Eastern Standard Time was three hours ahead. Yes, NYC people were just coming in to work. A co-worker mentioned that something was happening to the World Trade Center. I remembered asking which one, since Portland has a world trade center. She looked at me and said, “No it’s the big one.” Oh, my heart skipped. We both went to the internet to watch. I had goose-bumps.

I hurriedly drove home. Once home, I frantically called my dear friend who was still working at DWR/Morgan Stanley. No answer. All day that day and several days later, I had to call special numbers, asking for people’s names that I know still working there. Alot of them were accounted for, except for my dear friend. I left voice mail, lots of it, on her home number.

Finally, the following week on a Friday, she called me. That was such a relief. Amanda gave me the rundown on who survived and who were unaccounted for; people’s account of that day; what the company future was to become, etc., etc. What was joyous amid this horror was she was safe. Her story was, on that eventful day, she was on a flight to France for her vacation. She did not know anything about the bombing until she landed in Paris. Overall, she stayed for the duration of her vacation but it was restive since she herself had to make calls upon calls. And who would somehow enjoy a moment when one’s future is gone, or had become uncertain?

Amanda also said how her boss, the department head, stayed behind to make sure that everyone in his department and the other departments on the floor, were able to leave before their building, the first building to collapse, went down. (How ironic, they fired him a few years later.)

SEPTEMBER 11, 2001

This day forward from 2001, September 11th, all of humankind had been stunned to discover how evil and what level of evil man is capable of. On the other hand, the unity, compassion, love and grief that man is capable of, also came through. Such Ying Yang. Such is death. Such is life.

To all who died, who survived, their families, their friends, the heroes, the witnesses, everyone ~ let’s not forget them. Let’s not forget this day. Let’s bleed in memory of that fateful day for all the people affected first-hand by these inhumane acts. Let the fire of the memory of this day be rekindled every time, not to be snuffed, in the hopes that there will be greater peace born out of this unspeakable violence.

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September is a good month! It’s still warm enough to do outdoor stuffs. And yet, you can tell that autumn is just around the corner. As much as I love summer (sun-deprived as I am), autumn has always been my favorite season.

So why is September a good month? Because of these:

1. Eugene Celebration ~ next week! Unfortunately, I only have next Friday off so that’s only the day/night I’m going. It’s a big community effort with certain downtown streets closed off to celebrate end of summer/beginning of autumn. There’d be vendors of all sorts, bands playing all sorts of music genre, etc., etc. There’s always environmental consciousness involved as well.

2. Blade Show West~ the end of the month. My Precious wanted me to go with him. He wouldn’t go with his friends (no interest in knives whatsoever). And I talk knifey with him. His dad, well, we make sure he does not hurt himself; so he’s out of the picture.

3. Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival~ It’s the same weekend as the knife show. I might go there either Friday or Sunday. The knife show is on Saturday. I go alone as it takes a few hours to browse around and dragging any of my boys along  will bore them stiff. Last year was my first visit and liked it alot. It’s an hour’s drive up to Canby. If I go on a Friday, I might be able to go to Bridgeport Village and/or maybe hit some knitting stores up in Portland. And if Sunday, that’s my first night back to work; so I cannot do much else but the festival.

4. Upcoming Family Vacation ~ Finally! One and a half weeks from now and I can’t wait. Due to the restricted time-off imposed by the organization I work for, it’s only been recently that employees were allowed vacations lasting more than a week long. The target destination (unless the family consensus changes) is Lake Chelan and the Wenatche area up in Washington state. No camping involved though. DARN!

5. OS Birthday ~ My oldest sister’s birthday is at the end of the month.

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Jalapeno Heat Won’t Do!

Ongoing obsession.

Pickled Garlic. Not just any old pickled garlic.


It would bring tears even to spicy, hot chili pepper-savvy people!

It’s torture to taste buds! But I love it!

If you want to see the heat scale on these hot chili peppers, click here. Habaneros are not even on the top heat scale. HOOO BOY!

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