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Yesterday was my brother’s birthday. 

 clipartHope it was great!



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I’m cursing WordPress right now. I decided I will not post late Friday nights anymore. Somehow, WordPress does its server maintenance late Friday night. Today, I was going to just publish the post when I discovered NOTHING WAS SAVED! Even when I had saved several times before WordPress quit on me last night. Once again, I lost the draft for this post; had to rebuid. I’d hate to check out my other drafts. ^%&$*# curse you, WP! This is the 3rd time I lost entries. $#%&@

Õ¤Õ      Õ¤Õ      Õ¤Õ      Õ¤Õ      Õ¤Õ      Õ¤Õ     

Black Lacy Camisole     Black Lacy Camisole Close-up    

Black Lacy Camisole from Tahki Yarns 20 Fun To Knit Designs #8 Pattern; Berroco Bonsai; 97% Bamboo/3% Nylon. I never mentioned about this project. The pattern looked quite interesting and a quick knit I thought. Until I decided on a black color. But it’s worth it!

Blossom Shawl Being Blocked     Blossom Shawl Up Close     Blossom Shawl on a Mannequin    

Blossom Shawl by Amy Polcyn featured in the September 2007 MagKnits website; Malabrigo Lace 100% Baby Merino Wool

 Yellow Hazelnut Shawl     Yellow Shawl with Yarn Hungry Hog    

Yellow Shawl 20″ width x 85″ length once it’s blocked; Berroco Ultra Alpaca 50% Alpaca/50% Wool. Hazelnut Stitch pattern taken from Super Stitches Knitting by Karen Hemingway

 Red Cape on Mannequin     Red Cape Up Close 

2 Bobble/2 Heart Button Red Cape; Malabrigo Kettle Dyed Pure Merino Wool Worsted. Finally got the two buttons on and added another bobble as it looked better that way; it had just one bobble originally. It’s a small cape for a small person. HINT. HINT. 

Minimalist Funnel Neck Pullover

Minimalist Funnel Neck Pullover by Sarah Sutherland featured in the October 2006 MagKnits website; Artyarns Supermerino. This has been finished for quite sometime, but I thought I try it on me. It’s not as good looking as when it’s on a mannequin. Why? As you can see, it makes me sorta tubbo. Okay fine! I’m fat! I admit. I hate that mannequin!

To sum it all up, it takes me longer to finish my projects than knitters who stick with one project at a time. Not that I’m a very slow knitter, I just happen to get bored easily. I also don’t have qualms or guilt abandoning projects that either take too much concentration or just plainly got frustrating, either because of yarn or pattern issue.

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Then have a yarn sundae.

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Hello, Chimaii Lampaii!

The ‘weakness for stuffness’ bug has struck again!

Who are these fellas, Lampaii?

Who is that cute looking lamb in the middle?


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Remember that recent hot day, when the temperature shot up to 95°? (See May 16th post.) We went to the coast to seek relief only to find it was hotter there (actually it went up to 95°, while hometown only went up to 88°). Mr. Wonderful and I got sunburned. Although, it got quite hot at the coast, the ocean breeze pretty much made up for the cooling sensation.

chipmunk   This little creature, a chipmunk, was so adorable. It and a few of its kind came up to us as we approached the cliff wall overlooking the ocean. They had a begging stance right away. We got so excited that we had to buy popcorn and started feeding them. Once the feeding frenzy started, the black crows came flying to compete for popcorn. And they chase each other away from each and every one of those morsels. As the frenzy got crazy, we started to back away; went the other way towards the river view area. As we were approaching the area, the chipmunk you see above came up and scurried up a stone hedge. How did it know we had food? Mr. Wonderful started to feed (that’s his yellow shirt in the photo) so I could get a cellphone picture of it (since Ms. Stupid here left the camera home). For awhile, the little creature was so engrossed with eating, it forgot that my husband was petting it. We concluded that these chipmunks must be so used to having people feeding them popcorn that they recognize a popcorn bag from a mile away; or, they could smell food a mile away and can recognize gullible humans.

  seal resting   Then we went to an old coastal town. As we were getting close to one of the docks, we could hear ARK ARK ARK ARK sounds. There were people crowding around, looking down. And guess what they were watching. That big seal you see above. There were about a dozen of them sunbathing on the planks, except for one juvenile. It wanted to rest too, but every time it approached a little empty spot on the planks, the seal nearest it would bark at the juvenile to get lost.


mountain pass   Picture is very fuzzy as we were driving en route to a desert town up in the mountains. Yup, there’s still snow east of my hometown. The roads were good, but once the road went up and up, the temperature and surroundings changed. We felt like it’s winter again. (Sorry, Ms. Stupid forgot the bring a camera again for this trip.) We went up there just this past Thursday to avoid the Memorial Day holiday crowd.

snow-capped mountain   Here’s another photo as we were approaching the little lodge that we booked in. The lodge was sooooo small, we kept missing it. We were getting frustrated, so we called the place to get its location; and at one point asked the proprietress if it’s in the woods. She actually said yes; I was just being sarcastic and it turned out the place was surrounded by big trees. hahahaha! The room we booked in was soooo homey; the whole lodge was quite a quaint, little jewel. And it had a resident cat, named MR. CAT, a big Main Coon tabby. It’s no match to my Jake when it came to weight, though. We’ll definitely come back to this place next time we come up east over the mountains.

The following day Friday, it was raining hard. We were concerned that we wouldn’t be able to navigate THE PASS’ snowy area on our way home. But our concern was unfounded. We had a great time!

Here’s one of the reasons for the ‘great time’………..


Hello Yarns!   Don’t mind the pig!More Yarns!   Loved those colors!

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It’s hard to say ‘happy’ in celebrating Memorial Day. War is terrible. Peace, like happiness, seem to come with a price, or at least a price to attain…..Not a given!

It’s a sad day! Every family with a loved one/friend in the war zone is sad! Especially the families whose loved ones had died or been injured, with rehabilitation that is time- and energy-consuming and exhausting physically and psychologically.

Here’s a sad story I read yesterday. It speaks volume of how everyone feels, especially those affected by it in the first or second person. You can read further if we want to help out even at the smallest level.

As a parent of an only child, and a MALE CHILD at that, I’m very fearful of what the outcome and how long this IRAQ WAR will impact the newest generation of war veterans. I’m always afraid the if the war goes on and on, the DRAFT will be reinstated, by WHOEVER wins the White House. I’m afraid for my son if he is forced to go. We may look the other way or be in denial because it’s hard to fathom what this war would do at an individual level, to an American or otherwise. It will affect us all.

ÒÓ      ÒÓ      ÒÓ      ÒÓ      ÒÓ      ÒÓ      ÒÓ  

I’m getting better at blog writing. Maybe it has something to do with becoming comfortable with the intricacies of how WordPress works, the nuances involved with this server. I’m still relatively new at blogging. Am not the best writer nor am I an experienced knitter. I may ramble on and on at times when writing; and my topics may be less interesting than most bloggers. But I try to be conscientious (a.k.a. politically correct) as self-censorship is a hardship. (Hey that rhymes!) AND IT’S FUN! interpretation: ADDICTING!

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Yeah, it may be a long weekend celebration for most people. It’s just a weekend for me! There are alot of people out there who still need to work like any other day. If one works for the health care industry, like me, there’s no such thing as holidays. I have yet to experience a whole year when I could just take off all the holidays (six base holidays for the U.S.). ‘Such luxury’, I’d say!

So, tonight Sunday, I work. Tomorrow, being the Memorial Day holiday, I work.

But then, I shouldn’t be whining. Mr. Precious, although he gets the 6 base holidays off, he hardly gets more than 2 paid-vacation weeks at his company; and he’s been working there for more than 15 years.

Aahhhhh! This is where the health care industry vacation differs. Their policy goes like this: the longer you work, the more paid time off (PTO) accumulates in percentage. Also, the longer years you work, the percentage of PTO increases. (Management has higher PTO percentage.) So really, I shouldn’t be whining. Sorry.

The truth is, I have accumulated more than 400 PTO hours to-date. Translate that to 10 weeks of 40 hours equal 2.5 months! Imagine that! Of course, that is cumulative. However, sick time, goof-off time, vacation time, holidays, and even family leave time affect PTO accumulation. Recently as two to three years ago, the policy changed to institute a 600 PTO hours cap. Which means, one loses the hours past 600. But one has to be stupid to reach that far. Before the cap, there were people I know (mostly from management) having more than 1,000 PTO. I felt envious! The reason for the cap is that the company wants everyone to ‘take time off work once in awhile so as not to burn out’.

But here’s a sweet deal! PTOs can be cashed out (50 hour cap per year); can be donated to co-workers who are in dire need of them (e.g., they are having medical issues and have run out of their own PTOs).

Well folks, enjoy the long holiday weekend! Don’t forget to think about our war veterans and heroes, even though we may oppose the Iraq War!

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