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One of My Favorite Scarves

My favorite Scarf      

I absolutely love it! The yarn’s from Lamb’s Pride Worsted; the pattern was my very own. The color ~ WHAT WAS I THINKING? BROWN! The color does not do the pattern any justice. One of these days (maybe around fall) I will knit another one in a much lighter, exciting color.

This scarf was one of my 2008’s earliest FO’s. Okay, instead of being proud about it, I’ll just admit that I started this scarf in mid-December of 2007. THERE! HAPPY?! And it’s only now that I’m starting to wear it because, as always, I had planned to block it BUT NEVER DID! What can I say, I just hate abhor blocking!

For now, see if you can figure out my pattern.

Now for some embarrassing moment not of knitting nature. Earlier in the day, my brain was in a fog. It was costing me my dignity, for making blunders and mistakes. The worst came when after I took a shower, I reached for my facial cream. As I dabbed cream on my hands, I smelled mint. I ignored it and proceeded to rub my hands in preparation to spread the lotion on my face. Then I realized why the cream was minty and not of a smooth texture, but only after rubbing it on my face.

 facial cream vs. minty toothpaste

In my absentmindedness, I actually reached for the toothpaste! hahaha! I had a great laugh! Had to wash my face right away since my eyes were beginning to tear up reacting to whatever the chemical make-up of the toothpaste was.

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All Quiet On The Western Front

That may be a movie title! If I remember right, it was also a war movie, like 2nd World War movie.

In reality, it is quiet right now, here where I live. It’s Spring Break and people are gone! How wonderful! So quiet! My Hippietown is also a College Town. So you can just imagine having college kids around. I used to work near the university; and boy come September, after a peaceful and quiet summer, the town would be abuzzed with happy, rowdy college kids. Traffic congestion spiked up. Kids with refrigerators, couches and big-item furniture sticking out of little, biddy cars all over the place. Believe me, once I was driving and had to swerve away from hitting a refrigerator right smack in the middle of the road. Kids, on the sidewalk near a little car parked with hazard lights on, laughing and trying to figure out how to pick up the klanker fast enough not to get it hit by other vehicles. IT WAS CRAZY!


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My Son Can Dance!


What’s going on? The Forum shows some people having this type of problem. I wonder if this is a known problem.

Last Friday, March 21st my family went up to the City of Roses to spend the night. The drive up there from My Hippietown takes about close to 2 hours if one is doing 100 miles an hour speed (just kidding!).


Once in the city, we usually hang out at the downtown mall. No, we are not mallrats! The downtown mall area, as in any city, has a variety of stores, restaurants, cultural activities a person can do. For me, there’s a nearby KNITTING SHOP. For my husband, there are 2 Irish pubs he gravitates to. For my son, well…….he either follows me around (for the food, mind you, as I’m a food junkie) or he takes off (glad to know he can be normal when he wants to) to search for knife shops, or the local MAC store, or wherever a young man wants to hang out at.


There’s one place that the three of us love to be at……a Greek restaurant. We just love this restaurant, for its great, healthy menu; for its atmosphere and ambience. Wonderful food! Mouth-watering desserts!

Let me first describe the restaurant. On the outside of the 2-story building, there’s a huge PURPLE OCTOPUS. Very unique landmark! The main floor has the dining area; and the 2nd floor has the bar, dining area, dance floor and the stage. Family dining is allowed till 10 p.m.

Whenever we visit the City of Roses, usually it’s just for half a day. This, is not enough time to hang out too long at the restaurant. Last Friday, being a day for overnight stay, we thought to spend dinner at this Greek restaurant. We heard that they have fantastic entertainment. And that’s what we did…..stayed to be entertained.

We got to the restaurant at around 8 p.m.; went upstairs; had some scrumptious meal; had desserts (we cannot have a meal without dessert whenever we go out). Around 9 p.m., the entertainment begun.

  • First up, a man with a Greek guitar (or Kithara), which looks like a Moorish Lute (http://www.angelfire.com/sk/syukhtun/kithara.html), started playing some kind of 60’s music (definitely not the Greek kind).  The kithara had a twangy sound to it, but don’t all guitars do?
  • Next, a Greek woman singer came up and sang; encouraged the audience to join her into dancing some Greek dance steps.
  • Followed by the Masters of Ceremony, who is quite charismatic. I have the feeling he’s also the owner. He had the audience up on the feet participating in whatever he asked of them to do. He rounded up the people who came to celebrate some event (e.g. birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, etc.). For these participants, he had them drink OUZO, a Greek liqueur; and those who can take in the most Ouzo gets a t-shirt. A rather large woman, who was celebrating her birthday, got the t-shirt.
  • Next up, plate breaking! Boy, this Greek tradition is fun to do, especially I think if you are angry, happy or whatever feeling you are having. Just throwing plates without being reprimanded or punished is such a liberating feeling. And so, there were a dozen people throwing plates across the room.
  • Belly dancing was next. The belly dancer went around and people, especially the guys, gave her money. More like insert dollar bills to her waist pants. She teased them by coming close and as the men attempt to insert the dollars she would prance away. The guys attempt to follow her with dollar bills on extended hands. My Precious got caught in that scheme; felt embarrassed and rolled his eyes; but finally caught up with her and gave her a dollar bill. Doing so, some of the dollars already attached to her fell and Mr. Wonderful jumped to the opportunity to grab them and chase after her.
  • Then came the MOMENT after the belly dancing! IT WAS THE MOST MEMORABLE for me. The MC rounded up guys to practice on Greek dancing-man style. Mr. Wonderful and My Precious did not want to join in but the woman singer coerced them anyway. The MC showed them the steps and off they went circling the dance floor and dining area. At this point, this was the time I regretted not having my camera. I took lousy photos on my cell phone camera instead. Once the men got back to the dance floor, it was time for the solo dancing. My Precious was the 2nd one up. I got so shocked to see that MY SON CAN DANCE, I had forgotten to take photos. His move was so smooth, like a natural Greek dancer; he did not make a fool of himself…..unlike Mr. Wonderful. Before I forget……after each man’s solo dance, the MC gave them a drip or two of OUZO. As My Precious was taking in his OUZO, I was just thinking that: ‘Boy, little do they know the young man is not even 21!’
  • Right after that, the MC took a little table; placed it in the center of the dance floor; proceeded to grab someone’s plate of food and someone else’s beer or two; and placed them on this little table. He knelt down from one corner of it and chomped the corner of the table. He attempted to stand up with hands extended out (not holding the table) and started dancing in circles. WOW! Is all anybody could say. This man must have jaws made of steel to be able to pick up a table with his teeth.

After that, the mood changed and the techno-disco DJ music came on. At that point, we were all tired but TRULY ENJOYED OURSELVES. We left with happy feelings. More so for me knowing that My Precious Enjoyed His Time with The Old Fogies despite his efforts to show he wasn’t.

DISCLAIMER: Other than the OUZO incident at the men’s dancing, My Precious was not drinking hard stuff at any other time.

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Okay, here’s TAKE 2 of the entry. With an aging brain like mine, it’s an amazement if I can remember ‘anything’ of yesterday. Since this entry should have been done days and days ago, my memory is blank with what I had written then. That said, today’s entry would be entirely of different thought content.

Last Saturday, March 15th, Mr. Wonderful and I went to his sister’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Party around 7ish p.m.. It was a party not to be missed. There’s always good food and great drinks. Mind you, I do not drink. I’m not a prude, religious, or sanctimonious about drinks. Plain and simple, I’m allergic to alcohol.

So back to the St. Pats’ subject. The guests at my SIL’s party comprised of mostly her and her husband’s friends and co-workers. There’s one guest (an attorney by day and a wild & crazy kind of guy at parties) that, if present, always guaranteed a wild and crazy party. Alas, he wasn’t there at this party. His wife, a wonderful chef of her own right, wasn’t there either. So, food fare was lacking of her scrumptious dishes. She would have brought  corned beef and cabbage. However, someone did bring that dish, which is a must for any respectable Irish party. One guest brought my favorite dish, Whiskey-soaked pudding bread. Last year, I got drunk and broke into HIVES for eating too much of it.

With the wild-and-crazy guy not showing up, there were interesting guests that DID show up. From the youngest of 14-months old to the oldest of 90’s old. In fact, there were 2 fun loving mature guests (one was the 90’s yo and the other was in her 80’s) who knew to keep up with the rest of the boomer-aged guests and some young adult-aged ones. There was one guest who brought his guitar so he could entertain the party-goers with live music. His music genre mostly revolved around Jimmy Buffet-type of music. Passable, but I wanted hard rock, or anything that would make me dance.

 Guest with Guitar  14-Month Old Partygoer 

After spending 3 hours at the party, the 14-month old baby, who was the main interest of the party since he was running around and dancing, had to leave. His young adult parents had tired of the boomers’ party and wanted to go where there was a REAL party going on. Once the baby left, the live music stopped and the atmosphere went from lively to BORING . That’s my description of what a party without lively music and dancing is like. Plus, the fact that Mr. Wonderful has been all smiles and been seen constantly with a shot glass filled with something. I thought it was time to part him from that shot glass. And so we left at 11:30 p.m.

Till next St. Patrick’s Day Party……hopefully, My Precious (my son) would be there as he opted out this year.

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It’s spring and the cherry trees are blooming! Just hints of innocent, tiny buds that one might call a ‘blush’ of color; nonetheless, it’s quite spectacular to see colors after a dreary winter. Oh, the crocuses had been out for awhile, a sure sign of warming up. The birds, lots of tiny, noisy ones, are brave enough to be out and about and could care less that my cats are all attentive, watching them, marking them for future encounters. (Gee, I’d sure hope not!)

However, last night we had a slight moment of snow (or slushy, wet snow rain). And hubby was just telling me the other day that soon we will have to take off the snow tires. Deadline to take them off is prior to April 1st. I think I will wait till then. These snow tires helped with commuting to work. Last year, with no snow tires, I had to miss a day or two of snow days.

As I write this entry, I’m having a quiet time enjoying my CHALLAH ROLL. I love these rolls, reminds of the time that I used to live in the ‘city that never sleeps’. For me, these rolls go well with cream cheese and lox, or with plain ol’ butter. I didn’t have cream cheese or lox so I opted for good ol’ butter. Also, they go well with coffee. Since am not too crazy for coffee, tea is definitely alright.

Challah Rolls

Last week, I posted What’s on The Needle for ongoing and future projects. What I’d like to say today is: I hardly touch the needles for a whole week. I have been fickle as to what I wanted my next project to be. There are SO many wonderful patterns to choose from. From the moment I choose one, a new magazine or book publication comes out to entice me.  I get so excited, then confused, then dizzy from all the great spring and/or summer patterns. Don’t you feel that way sometimes?

So, that said, here’s another pattern (very easy) that I am considering right now. I had my swatch done and love the feel of the yarn. The pattern is from Mag Knits, October 2006 website.  The yarn is from ArtYarns Supermerino.

ArtYarns Supermerino   MagKnits Minimalist Funnel Neck Pullover

Well, I have to wrap up this entry and send it away. With spring in the air, the family will be taking a weekend off to the coast and the city of roses. Mr. Wonderful is yelling, ‘Stop Blogging Now. We gotta go!’

Happy Spring Everyone!

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A need to plug great talent when one sees or hears one. This is a must in my blog.

This one is an enormously talented tween Korean guitarist named SUNGHA JUNG. Here, he’s playing Canon in D.


If you still do not believe that, hear this one.  This one is called Africa.


Getting convinced yet, here’s a whole slew of music videos all from SJ.


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Yellow Shawl

Yellow Shawl ~ Berroco Ultra Alpaca Yellow (4 skeins), hazelnut stitch pattern:  Still needing a set or two of pattern rows. After which I’d still need to do the dreaded finishing touches.


Blue Malabrigo Scarf ~ herringbone stitch pattern; but it’s a freestyle pattern as I go. There’s no definite pattern on this one. Am a little ticked off with myself because I cannot find another skein of this color. I love the color, but am kicking myself for not getting more than 1 skeins. Due to this reason, the scarf project is at a stalemate, but definitely a UFO at this point. 

 Blue Cardi from http://throughtheloops.typepad.com/Sunkist.pdf

Blue Cardi ~ Patagonia Araucania Nature Cotton Yarn (4 skeins instead of 5 called for in Kirsten Kapur’s pattern): I should have already finished this cardigan, but am mulling as to what I can change the edges with instead of the 2×2 rib edging that Kirsten called for. Maybe I will make the edges a bit lacy.

If you have not noticed at all, I am into all LACE projects lately. I just love anything lace. And actually, with near future projects in the planning stage, one of them is very ambitiously big; at least to me.


 Frost Flowers Lace Scarf

Frost Flowers Lace Scarf ~ Lavish Lace Book by Carol Rasmussen Noble/Cheryl Potter, Malabrigo Lace Hummingbird (2 skeins): I’m debating if the outcome of the stitch pattern with this type of yarn is worth it. Am not too happy with it and might change my mind after I complete 1 flower pattern rows. If I find that the pattern would seem too busy with the many variations of the yarn color, I already have an idea what to replace it with, a simple pattern, but would play out the color of the yarn.


 Ellis Vest

Circular Peplum Lace Stitch Vest, Pattern from Norah Gaughan Volume 2 book ~ it calls from Berroco Suede yarn.


Last Sunday, I went to check out a local cat show. And here’s what I got out of it:

 Cat 1   Cat 2  Cat 3 


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Mr. Bubbles 

Mr. Bubbles (the white and brown tiger) is a new addition to the “weakness for stuffness” Lilliputian Village (that’s the  name of the stuffed animals’ town). He was given to me by Mr. Wonderful for our 24th wedding anniversary. Mr. Wonderful really is getting into this weakness-for-stuffness fever. I asked him where he gets them, but he wouldn’t tell; and I did not pursue further.

You may ask me what I have given Mr. Wonderful. Well……..I have no pictures of them ‘cuz we already ate them. However, I’ll tell you what they were: chocolate biscotti, chocolate covered almonds, chocolate covered macadamia. Then, we all went to a Chinese restaurant.

Now is any of these gifts the proper gifts for a 24th wedding anniversary? We have no fancy-swancy gift exchanges like jewelry, cars, boats…or what you might call expensive gifts. So yes, to us, anything is a proper gift. There are exceptions, though. Like, next year would be our 25th anniversary. We are compelled to do something fancy-swancy then. We don’t know what that would be yet. We are working on ideas. There’s one that’s always constant in all of our wedding celebrations. ‘Our Precious’ son is always in the picture; any occasion we might have, he’s always part of it. We’re always the trio, the pyramid, the threesome. Our Precious is 20 years old. It never occurs to him that it’s uncool to hang out with one’s parents when one is a teenager. (Well, now the teen years have expired, of course.) To him, it’s cool to hang out with them since FOOD and BOOKS ARE ALWAYS PART OF THE ACTIVITIES WITH THEM. heehee!

Tomorrow, I have pictures of knitting projects. So stay tune!

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Hey, wait a minute…..

My Friday seems to be off with WordPress’ time. I just posted my latest entry and checked it. It posted early Saturday. Why? Why? This is the 2nd Friday posting that has Saturday date on it. Talk about frustration! Arrrgghh!

I may have to write and post my blog much earlier on Friday! Meantime, Happy Weekend!!!

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Today is Friday! And it’s Blog Entry Day. Am trying to be true to my word. So here goes…

Yesterday, our electrician came to do some projects here and there. Last week, he came over to check out what he had to do for yesterday. One of the little projects was to check out why the dishwasher is coming up with blackish-looking gunk at the bottom of the unit; and there always seem to be standing water. The gunk did not just suddenly spring up. It took months and months of the build-up. And so we check the manual: yes, standing water is normal and it’s clean; no, the dishwasher cleans itself up every time it is being used and no need to remove the basket that has the standing water. I did mention to him that from time to time an error C6 comes up. C6 means there’s not enough HOT water to wash the dishes. The error does not come up all the time; probably about once a month. We read some more information from the manual. C6 means that the hot water is lower than the minimum 120 degrees. So, off the electrician went to the garage to adjust the water temperature on the water heater. We discovered it to be less than 100 degrees. He adjusted it to 130 degrees. Mind you, this adjustment was done last week.

So yesterday, Peter (the electrician) asked how the dishwasher is doing. I said that it seems to be fine and can tell that hot water is must be working since at the drying time, there seems to be more steam coming out of the unit than I’ve ever seen it before the temperature adjustment. But the blackish gunk might take a little bit longer to disappear, is what I mentioned to him. He then proceeded to open the little basket where the gunk is underneath of, and…..and…. IF YOU ARE OF THE SQUIRMISH KIND……do not continue to read!

As much as I did not want to see what was the gunk, it’s good that I saw it. That way, immediate action was needed. Upon taking out the basket and turning it over, one can see HAIR! Hair-like black gunk. Which would only mean SLIME, MOLDS………and Peter looked down with his flashlight and he saw worm-like squigglies (whatever that is). He proceeded to tell me every detail of what he was seeing. I was squirming with terror and I had to tell him to shut up at that moment. We scrambled to find bleach, concentrated bleach to pour down and kill every *&^%($#@ blackish gunk there was. Then we ran the dishwasher with nothing except bleach in it.

But now this, the terror I showed earlier was the thought that flashed before me, that for all the months and months we have been using the dishwasher with the gunk in it, well…..the dishes we keep using from what we thought were being cleaned by the dishwasher……….I DON’T WANT TO THINK ANYMORE.

I did not take a picture of the horror before we killed it with bleach. But here’s what it looks like after two cycles done with bleach in it. Still not acceptable, though. One can still see the remnant of the blackish gunk on the right side of the area that has the standing water.


Since we cannot use that stupid GE unit, we now have to resort to hand-washing. Hand-washing is not a new chore for me, since I constantly wash pots, pans and anything not meant to be washed in the dishwasher; however, it’s been ages since I had hand-washed china, here’s what happened to the first one I did……


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