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Tulips for Valentine


I thought I’d post the photo before the tulips come apart and fade away. One of the presents I got from Mr. Wonderful.

Beanie Hat  scarf

So here’s the beanie hat that is being sent to my friend in London. The scarf is of the same pattern, BUT ALAS, photo did not come up great! That’s what happens when one plays with exposure, blah, blah, blah, blah. Amateur! Just click on the photo and zoom in ~ you get better view of scarf’s details.


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Proof of Knitting

Pink Beanie Hat

I do knit, you know….as that is the title of my website. Here is proof above.

Right now, I just finished a set of blue scarf and beanie for my friend in England. I still have to block the scarf. Blocking is a must in knitting. Alas, as much as I love knitting, I HATE BLOCKING AND DOING FINISHES. Reason: after all the hard work of knitting up something, the last thing I want to do is more work. Blocking is more work! Anyway, I hope it’s still winter in London by the time my friend gets her gifts. HAHA!

The picture here is that of a beanie hat. It’s similar to the gift I’m sending to England. I will take a photo of the gifts at next post.

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Another Sunny Day

May We Serve You?

My HippieTown at this time of year should be gray, misty and soggy. For the past week, that is not the case. 

Spent the whole Saturday at the Asian Celebration at HippieTown. From 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., I stood on my feet helping prep and cook for one of the Asian food booths. The food that was served consisted of eggroll (lumpia), noodles (pancit) and Soy Sauce Chicken with Herbs (Adobong Manok). I never tire of these dishes. But there were all sorts of other dishes, from sushi, kimchi pork, manapua, beek bulgogi, bubble tea, halo-halo (mixed fruit drink with crushed ice), etc., etc. Everything Asian was everywhere, from martial arts demonstrations, dances, music, artwork, artifacts, fabrics, clothes, toys, prayer shawls, bonsai plants, wood carvings, etc. It was really wonderful to see  and be seen as part of the Asian comunity.

I had a blast! My son came up so we could have lunch together. My husband was nowhere to be found. He hates big crowd. And boy, because of the wonderful sunny day, the fairground was just jam-packed with people.

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The nerve of me!

I have scanned, skimmed, and read hundreds upon hundreds of knitting, food, Catholic, or blogs with any theme, and admired their writers. I have my favorites out there. Then I thought I could only wish that someday I would write my own blog. Almost always, I chicken out of it. I have a brain that psycho-analyze everything. Overly psycho-analyze things. It’s like being obsessive-compulsive. But then today, my reason to sign up for a blog ~ it’s SUNNY OUTSIDE!

Well, there you go…….my first blog. I must save this now before I change my mind.

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